9 Makeup Tricks that Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

9 Makeup Tricks that Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

All eye shapes are beautiful. But it is true that people with bigger eyes are felt to be younger indeed. The right shade of concealer, one or two swipe of mascara and colorful eyeliner can do the trick. These easy tricks will help you, if you are looking to take a few years off. Let’s explore Makeup Tricks that Make Your Eyes Look Bigger.

9 Makeup Tricks that Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

9 Makeup Tricks that Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

1. Shadows literally set your eyes back. Color dark circles correctly with an enlighten concealer. To lift and brighten, use a shade that is a bit lighter than your foundation. In order to brighten up the whole face, take it down to your cheek in a ‘V’ shape.

2. Concealer aren’t use just to restrict the dark circles. Put it right under the eyes. It makes that area look brighter.  But you can enlighten your entire eye area by sweeping it farther up. To make your eyes look bigger and brighter, bring the concealer up past your eyes. Blend it all around your eyes up to your cheekbone.

3. Keep your brows in a good shape. They make all the differences. Consider the natural shape of your eyes. If you want to keep your brows bold, you need to maximize the space you have. It creates an obsession of bigger looking eyes. Thick, bold, and beautiful brows bring interest to your eyes.

4. Set a skinny strip of black liquid liner with the base of your upper lashes to frame your eyes and extend your lashes. Do a tiny snap at the end to pull the eye out just a bit.

5. One of the simplest tricks in the beauty guide is that lining your lower waterline with nude eyeliner. We prefer a buff liner. But you can use a white pencil liner. It will make an amazing difference. It will look more natural, and it also has the same payoff.

6. Applying mascara on your lower lashes can open up the eyes for a wide look. You can use brown mascara for a lighter look. If you like, you can use colored mascara also. Attaching a little eyeliner to the outer corner of your lower lash line can expand your eyes. Run through to the outer third of your eye using a soft brown eye shadow. It will smoke them out. It will make the eyes look extensive.

7. Draw a perfectly seductive almond-shape eye. It is indeed a puff of air, with the correct recipe. Take the pencil from the center of the lash line. Make it a little thicker on the outer side.

8. “Pampering them every day”, is the key to your gorgeous eyes. The puffed skin around your eyes can make them look very small. Get enough sleep. Often wash your face with cold water. Thus, you can lower the inflation around your eyes.

9. Always curl your lashes. Curling your eyelashes before applying mascara pulls your eyes upward. It makes them look bigger. The art of your mascara can earn an identical effect, if you don’t have an eyelash curler. As you are dusting up with mascara, any time you blink, is really going to lift the lashes up.

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