Easiest Eye Makeup Tutorial For Beginners To Makeup Like A Pro 2023

Eye makeup is one kind of cosmetics, which aims to make your eyes look noticeable and attractive. It is mostly used by females and by stage performers of all types. Eye makeup is an important part of your fashion. There are some simple steps for applying eye makeup –

Easiest Eye Makeup Tutorial For Beginners To Makeup Like A Pro


Step 1: Apply a Primer

Start your eye makeup with applying an eye shadow primer. Eye shadow primer is used prior of applying eye shadow, which allows your eye shadows to set better and increases its longevity. The primer also helps to intensify your shadow and allows it to look more true.

Step 2: Transition Shade

Then pick an eye shadow that is about a shade darker than your own skin tone and apply it back and forth onto your crease. Choose a transition shadow that helps to merge the colors together and also gives some depth to your eyes. If you want to only use one eyeshadow on your lid, a transition shadow will help to bring it to an another level and it will give it an intense. Sweep the eyeshadow back and forth onto the crease by using a fluffy brush.

Step 3: Apply eyelid Shade

After applying the transition shadow, apply the eye lid shade. You can go for a light, shimmery eyeshadow but you can also use a medium color if you want to make the look darker and smokier. Use a flat concealer brush to apply eye lid shadow.Pick your lid color and pat it onto your eyelid.

Step 4: Blending

Blend the shades together by using a fluffy brush. It is important to blend because if you do not blend, there will appear a prominent line of eye shadow when you look down or close your eyes.

Step 5: Apply Darker Shade

Then pick a darker shade and apply the shade on the outer “v” of your eye with a small eyeshadow brush or with an angled brush. If you don’t know that where your outer “v” is, then just place your brush near the end of your eyelash line and then sweep to the side. Then take the brush back to the end of your eyelash line and go slightly up into your crease. After placing your shadow, make sure to blend out the edges by using a fluffy brush. So it will not look harsh.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Finally, add some of that dark shadow onto your lower lashes then added a lightshimmery shade to the inner corner.

Tips for eye makeup:

  • Liquid eyeliner is easier to apply in pen form.
  • Practice applying eyeliner before you shower in the evening.
  • Take the makeup that tends to fade with you wherever you go.
  • Use a makeup remover to remove eye makeup.
  • If your eyelashes are long, look for a Volumizing mascara. If you would like more length, go for a lengthening mascara. If it looks as if you do not have eyelashes at all, take a Volumizing and lengthening mascara.