7 Trendy Teas You Should Start Drinking Now 2023

Looking for trendy teas, you should start drinking now? There is some trendy tea can bring as many benefits as vitamin pill. Besides these organic teas has refreshing tastes. Teas are something that you can share with peers. We are here presenting 7 trendy teas you should start drinking now that have some serious health benefits as well as delicious to drink.

Matcha: The Antioxidant Green Tea
Matcha is a special powdered green tea usually from Asia. Neatly ground, the whole leaf can be consumed, unlike the traditional teas which have strayed. Top notch quality matcha is pricey, but it is more effective. Macha is filled with antioxidants that help lowering blood pressure and besides decrease risk for stroke. It can be prepared several ways: Drink matcha cold by the bottle full of fresh water, add matcha, and shake well before serve. It is enjoyable and refreshing. Or whip it into boiling water as a regular tea or go for smoothies and baked goods for a flavors color, and vitamins.

Rooibos: The Essential Minerals Tea

Rooibos is a natural, sweet herbal caffeine-free and contains rich antioxidants and vitamin C. It also contains important minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc that protect bone and skin health, too. Rooibos tea leaf grows in South Africa, often termed as “red bush tea”; renowned for deep gorgeous red hue thanks to the unique drying and fermentation process. It is super delicious usually intake with cookies and sweets.

Pu-erh: The Weight-Loss Tea

Pu-erh is 2,000 years old and originates from China, usually made from a sun-dried green tea named ed sailing mao cha. Now trendy all over the world, vastly regarded as health tea that helps to lose weight by subdue fatty acid synthesis and lower cholesterol by constructing natural statins. Pu-erh is known as the luxury item among the Chinese tea because it demands artisanal, labor-intensive production. Before buying just make sure that you buy from a reputable supplier as there are many imitations available.

Kombucha: The Detoxifying Tea

Kombucha is fermented tea, processed with good bacteria and yeast to formulate a beverage contains rich vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. It is a natural detoxifier that helps protect the liver. It also eliminates harmful toxins from the body through kidneys and so that our inner digestive organs remain healthy. It also battles arthritis. You can process kombucha at home, but now it is now packaged and made available on super shops and natural grocery stores.

White Tea: The Cancer-Fighting Tea

White tea requires less processing, so it retains rich phytochemicals. Due to rich polyphenols coupled with flavonoids and tannins white tea develops oral health and restrains tooth decay by battling bad bacteria and reducing plaque. This tea also contains antioxidants, so it lessens the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. It’s just like a perfect cup to drink few times a day. It has the mild flavor and less caffeine as well.
Ginseng: The Energy Herbal Tea
Ginseng is a Korean herbal medicine, often served as an herbal tea. This tea may be considered as the ultimate health tonic, now made available in health food stores near you. Try making tea with the fresh ginseng root, its great for health. Ginseng tea develops the power of white blood cells that diminishes viruses and bacteria, relieves you of anxiety and thereby boosts mood. It’s great for reproductive health. I drink it as an energy boost without risking caffeine crash later on.

Hibiscus: The Digestive Herbal Tea

Hibiscus is a bushy annual plant used to flavor food and drink. It is also used as medicine. Hibiscus is a natural laxative that facilitates healthy digestion which develops stomach and intestine function and even reduces high blood pressure.
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7 Trendy Teas You Should Start Drinking Now

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