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8 Magical Tips For Healthy Living in Winter You Must Follow

Don’t be scared by the title… Healthy living doesn’t mean any difficult tusk that you never can do it. It is nothing but only your wish for healthy living is quiet enough for healthy living in winter. A little bit change in your regular food habits and adding a little more exercise is the main key of healthy living. Here are 8 very important tips for you must follow for a healthy lifestyle in winter.

8 Magical Tips For Healthy Living in Winter You Must Follow

  1. Add fresh and colorful vegetables and fruits on your regular diet: Fresh and green vegetables are abundant in winter. You get nutrition, sugar and fats from green and colorful vegetables. Swiss chard, kale, carrots, squash, spinach and a lot of vegetables enriched with vitamins and minerals, which help you to build up a healthy lifestyle in the darker days of winter. Fruits are loaded with vitamin C which is very essential for your skin. Vitamin A from the colorful veggies is a natural way to keep your eyes strong and healthy. So try to put some seasonal fruits and colorful vegetables in your regular food menu. If you do not like steamed vegetables there are a lot of recipes of vegetables you just search and try.
  1. Try mushrooms recipes: Mushroom is a natural anti-biotic which fight the germs of many diseases. This edible fungus is enriched with vitamin B , helps the body to get energy from red blood cells. Its anti oxidant content helps to prevent various types of cancer. There are many varieties of mushrooms like button mushrooms, crimini mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, porchini mushrooms which you can easily use in your regular recipes.
  2. Eat low carb food: Carbohydrate raises the level of serotonin which makes you feel better and let you craving for more sweets. But taking too much carb then needed is not a good habit because if you don’t burn the calories you may become stout. So the better option is to breakfast with a heavy protein pack and if then your brain sends you the signal to eat sweets you should find a dessert with low carb and much better to re sending the brain a signal of having sweets without having it.
  3. Eat more fish: Omega 3 fatty acids are the friendly fat, found in fishes and nuts. The inflammatory properties of this fat are a natural medicine for reducing joint pain and stiffness. It is also proved that it helps to lower the level of depression. So For a healthy lifestyle keep more fish and nuts in your diet.
  4. Drink herbal tea: Tea works for both relaxation and comfort. Drink herbal tea can be the solution of many problems in winter. Such as Chamomile tea is for relaxation and sore throat, ginger tea for digestion and improves immunity, peppermint tea for tummy trouble, stinging nettle leaf tea is for allergies and so on. Try to drink at least one cup of herbal tea everyday in the time of winter.
  5. Add more spice in your recipes: Dishes with heavy spice is one of the secret of healthy living in winter season. Onions, ginger, garlic, turmeric and cilantro can add more taste and flavor to your regular dishes. They only make the dishes tasty but help to improve your immune system. Turmeric is one of the main ingredients of Indian cuisine, calls the natural antibiotic and anti oxidant. So prepare dishes with more spice than your regular recipes in winter for a sound living.
  6. Take more vitamin and zinc: Taking more vitamins and zinc is another secret rule of a healthy life in the colder days of winter. Vitamin B, C, D and zinc are in the first rank. Try to take these vitamins not only from food but also other resources like sunlight and stay healthy.
  7. Regular physical exercise: Physical exercise is a must for healthy living. But if you don’t have to go outside you can do it at your home. There are plenty of resources you may find online, such as meditation and yoga can refresh your mind and body as well.

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