5 Cute & Sweet Hair Bows Ideas For Valentine’s Day

5 Cute & Sweet Hair Bows Ideas For Valentines Day

Every single day comes with new colors, new ideas, and new styles,  so do Valentine’s Day. When the day comes with a new theme each year so why your styles remain the same as last year? You must try different things on different style. Rest of the things is up to you but for your help on choosing the ultimate hair bows for your gorgeous hair, we listed up 5 super cute Hair Bows Ideas For Valentines Day. Just choose your one and rock the world with the cuteness of your bows.

Let’s Explore 5  Sweet Hair Bows Ideas For Valentines Day

1. Simple Knot Bow

Hair Bows Ideas For Valentines Day

This simple knot bow is too cute looking and very easy to make. You just need a 6 inch ribbon and a round soft band to make this tiny wonder. At first fold the ribbon on the edges left about 1 ½ inch space and fold it comes to the two edges together. Then enter the round soft rubber in it.

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2. Simple Mini Bow

5 Cute & Sweet Hair Bows Ideas For Valentine’s Day

            This simple bow is very easy to make but very sweet to look. You just need a ribbon and a needle. Take a 4.5 inch ribbon and sew the edges but make sure that there left at least 4 inch of the ribbon. Now point at the middle and sew run stitch. Then pull the thread and make it a frill and tie this with the thread. Then cover the thread with a ribbon folded. Then attach a hair clip with glue or you may stitch to make it more serviceable.

3. Lace & Pearl Bow

5 Cute & Sweet Hair Bows Ideas For Valentine’s Day

This is the ultimate hair bow decorates with lace and pearl are surely going to take a place on your heart. Very easy and simple to make but gorgeous looking bow is going to be one of your favourite. To make this cute hair bow you only need a cloth and a ribbon and a pearl. Here is a point to be noted that you take the size of cloth depending on how long or small you want to make the bow.

If possible try to take such cloth which edges are with a design. Now cut the cloth according to your desired size. Now fold the middle to make a line. Sew the line to make a frill and tie with the thread. Now take the ribbon and make another simple bow and attach over the cloth bow with glue or thread, as your wish. Now attach a pearl of your preferred colour with glue over the bows. Now attach a band with glue and its done. Wear it and rock the party.

4. Glittery Bow

5 Cute & Sweet Hair Bows Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Here is another idea of a cute hair bow with a glittery lace. You need the same things as the other bows needed accept a glittery lace. As it has been said earlier that the amount of cloth or ribbon you take is up to the size your preferred. Take two of them and a glittery lace. Then tie the two laces together and place the glittery one on the middle. Then tie it with a thread. Now cover the thread with a lace and glue it. Now fix a hair clip or band to give the bow a final look.

5. Rose Petals Bows

5 Cute & Sweet Hair Bows Ideas For Valentine’s Day

This super cute hair bows are waiting for your hair. Just make and wear it with a difference. Take a square shape cloth and make burn the edges with a lighter. Do it with an extra safety. Now make bows like rose petals as it is shown in the picture. Make 12 petals for one clip. After making the petals now fix with glue with a hair clip.

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