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4 Crazy Celebrity Diet Plans To Lose Weight Fast 2023

Celebrities follow some crazy diets . These crazy celebrity diets will help a person lose weight if they can keep up with it for a specific amount of time.

Raw Egg and Milk

This was a diet that was favored by Marilyn Monroe. Raw eggs were beaten into milk and she would have this for breakfast every day. The mixture is low in calories, high in protein, and is flavorless.

 Air Diet

Celebrities believe that a person can survive on only sunlight and air. This is one of the craziest diets out there. The diet does allow a person to have some salt as well as a water based soup. Madonna is a famous person that likes this diet. For the rest of the popular this is a little too restrictive.

Fruitarian Diet

This diet has a person getting 75% of the total number of calories that they eat each day should come from fruit. This fruit should be raw and fresh. Cooking fruit will take away the nutrients and canned fruit has too much added sugar. Steve Jobs was a fan of this diet as well as Ashton Kutcher.

 HCG Diet

This diet requires a person to inject the hormone HCG into their system. This hormone has been known to increase fertility. While a person is taking this hormone they should not be eating more than 500 calories a diet. Stars like Laura Prepon like this diet. This diet is not recommended by the FDA. A person should only use this hormone if they are looking to get pregnant and are having some trouble.

4 Crazy Celebrity Diet Plans To Lose Weight Fast

These are just some of the crazy diets that celebrities follow. While famous people look good and are in great shape these diets are a little too out there for the average person to believe in and follow. Some of these diets are dangerous.

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