A Complete Tutorial for a Glam Beauty Look for the New Year 2023

Another year passing by, that means we are preparing to welcome the new year by promising a better year, updated looks and the likes. There is something exciting about a new start that pumping our blood faster. When it comes to try a new thing we lose our confidence. We do not dare to glam up our look like a bold red lip or dramatic winged eyes. If you want to make a statement you should try something bold and courageous. Here is a complete guide to glam up your beauty in this New Year. It won’t take much time and products.


Start the process with a face primer to help your face makeup last longer and better. It helps smooth out any uneven texture on your face.

If you want to make it a quick makeup you should skip the liquid foundation. However, you can use a medium coverage concealer. Find a good product from the store.

If you have dry skin you can skip the step or you can set your concealer using a powder foundation. You don’t have to spend a long time in blending.

If you love blush the dusty rose can fulfill your interest providing the perfect flush of color of color without making the look funny.


You can use gel eyeliner because you will find that it usually last longer and easier to use than liquid liner. Find a good product from a well-known brand. Use your eye liner to create a thin winged eye. If winged liner isn’t your thing or if it takes too long to do you can skip the wing and draw a thin line.

It really helps with the gel eye liner. This is the real manners of silicon eye liner brush. It is the whole thing changer and cost saving. That may seem dramatic but special for the people who never could get the gel liners.

Opt for a quick brown option. This is the hard candy brows now! Both have fibers which give volume that is great option for brow upkeep. Put on mascara you love that could be sensational and showy.

You can get a gorgeous lip color like scarlet or a gorgeous shade of red. If you are not comfortable with red lips you can go for the mid-tone pink.

Tips &Tricks for Recreating this Look

First customize the routine to fit your skin type. If you have dry skin, get a setting powder on the areas that are concealed. If you are blessed with no dark circles or acne spots, use a tinted moisturizer instead. You can skip the blush.

If you feel like gel liner is not your thing, you can use matte black eye shadow instead. Get an angled brush, apply some shadow and stamp down on the lash line. You always can line your lash line with pencil if you are comfortable with.

Consider red lips, it’s a classic color and anyone can pull that off. You just need to find the right shade.

A Complete Tutorial for a Glam Beauty Look for the New Year


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