5 Ways to Look Younger in 5 Minutes : Easy Ways to Look Younger Now 2023

Everyone gets aged and getting older is fantastic and it makes you confident. You may not fear about being aged but everyone tries to do everything to make sure they don’t look older. In this article, we are going to show you how to make you look younger than you actually are, in only 5 minutes.

High pony

It might seem little surprising to you that how could a ponytail make you look younger. Pulling your hairs upwards accentuates your check bones and eyes perfectly that makes you look younger. If you have a lifeless or dull pony you can make it double or add a little texturizing powder. This style can work with any outfits and looks versatile stylish. Try this style and check if your skin looks little tighter.


You can use highlighter strategically to make your skin glowing and for the figuration in order to make you look younger. Try touse the highlighter near the inner and outer corner of the eye area to brighten it up. Use the product with your fingers for the cream-based highlighter or an angled brush for the brush based highlighter. This process will draw your chin up to look younger.

Glossy, Neutral-Colored Lips

Lips are always a great thing to show case your beauty. Always try to show your glossy lips with deep colors like pink or scarlet for a girly look. Try to get glossier lips to make your lips appear plumper and give them a youthful fullness.

Emphasize the natural rosy color of your cheeks

A slightly flushed facial color can provide you youthfulness and energetic feel. Start with a little and add more as it needs. Apply a tinted moisturizer using a liquid foundation. Always keep your anger and stress managed, because it is not good for your health and a barrier of glowing skin.

Shapen your body and feel younger

Dressing is an important part of your everyday routine. A little alteration can make you look younger. Try wearing colorful cloths instead of baggy or neutral. Choose the dress which makes you feel confident and seems neutral to you. Always sit and stand with better poster, because it makes you look younger and Better posture will also have a long-term benefit. It prevents arthritis and makes your shoulders and neck strong. Experiment with a verity of scent to express yourself as more attractive and youthful. In addition to adopting better poster and quicker movement smiling with attitude express yourself as younger, more appealing and engaging.

5 Ways to Look Younger in 5 Minutes Easy Ways to Look Younger Now