3 Christmas Beauty Tips & tricks To Be The Center Of Attraction 2023

Looking around for Christmas beauty tips? Indeed, Christmas is really the big festival people are looking forward to. It really matters the way project yourself on the big day. People around you are waiting to see how you dress yourself on occasion including hair, makeup, outfit all together. So prepare yourself with the tips and tricks on Christmas beauty tips. Here we present you a 3 Christmas Beauty Tips & tricks To Be The Center Of Attraction.

3 Christmas Beauty Tips & tricks To Be The Center Of Attraction



Smoother skin

Lumps, bumps or sandpaper skin knock you off and hinder you wearing part clothes. Use a body scrub every other day can help you shape up in the shower. Stimulating and helps circulation can be facilitated by a good scrub that instantly brightens up skin and helps to grab styling products such as cellulite cream, fake tan and moisturizer easily.

Ditch the dimples

Blast cold water over the thighs and bottom at the end of shower to tighten and shock the muscles to appear firm. Repeat this every day for a week that will help you reduce cellulite in less than 10 minutes. Cellulite positions like balloons so when applying products hold the skin with one hand to help you out with those toxic orange-peel cells.

A natural glow

Do not go for fancy products! Instead focus on the immersing beautiful skin from within. Drink at least two litres of water every day to purify sapping toxins and give you a natural gleam. It will help to balance the chemicals and minerals in the face too.

Gently exfoliate

Exfoliate but never go for too much. Once or twice a week is enough for glowing skin. Especially nose and chin are more exposed to blockages so go circular. Apply a granulated formula — except if you have acne — plough away dull skin and unplugging the pores. Always use exfoliators in a liquid or cream base so that they are less harsh and does not damage the skin cells.

Treat your feet

If your feet hurt you cannot hide so care for tootsies to some TLC in the run-up and stay on the dance floor longer! Use Foot Polish thrice a week to cautiously remove hard skin. Follow up with thick moisturizer and if possible sleep in cotton socks for some days.


Quick figure fixer

If you find it hard to shape yourself into that little dress then shift inches in an instant with a detox body wrap. Soak up the bandages in hot water to begin the ingredients then wrap around the place for confidence and see yourself shrink your size in an hour.

Diminish frizzy hair

Care your hair this Christmas with trimming and intensive conditioning to get rid of split ends slash down styling time and let the deep conditioner enhance hair health and style easily. For salon-style results apply the treatment then wrap up your hair and allow it to sit for 30 minutes. Right before rinsing off smear a little conditioner on top for a long-lasting benefit.

Boost radiance

Opt for a thermal and ice facial splash the day before Christmas to solve last minute tonal problem. Mix couple of drops of lavender oil to a bowl of hot water and few drops of lemon oil to a bowl of iced water. Then soak a flannel in hot water, pull out and press on to skin. Now breathe on for three to four seconds then do the same with a cold flannel. Keep doing this for one minute. Enjoy new found radiance


Hair reviver

Too much products can make your hair greasy. Revive your natural hair by applying mousse to the roots and blow-drying. The mousse will help to vapor any alcohol of products to give you fresh hair again. Or you can rub talc into the roots to absorb excess oil and boost the volume of hair.

Perfume power

First apply perfume and then follow with a complementary body cream to lock in the scent. Spray your scent right after a shower.

Instant tan

If you wash-off tans it’s the easiest and fast way to get a flawless skin. It will give skin an all-round healthy glow, use instant products. If you confident to bare your legs products like Estée Lauder’s Maximum Cover Camouflage Make-up snatch away scars, nasty bruises or even tattoos for nice and seamless skin.

Flawless Foundation

Preparation of skin properly is equally important as putting make-up. A fresh face is like a canvas so cleanse skin twice. Then go for a mini massage while applying your moisturiser to enhance face cells with vital nutrients for a glowing natural base


Big hair boost

Enhance your ponytail with a piece to appear it long and dramatic or you can use a clip-in fringe instead for sleek and fuss-free hair.

Go for real hair extensions so you can keep wearing them over and over again and use flat iron to style them. In order to hide the join simply wrap hair around the band or hide with accessories.

Liven up lips

“Scarlet lips are a must this season but many women are afraid to try red lipstick,” says Chase Aston, make-up artist for The Body Shop. “Ease yourself into this seductive shade by applying clear lip balm to nude lips, then take a red lipstick and layer on top. The balm will dilute the colour into a sheer glaze which still looks modern but feels comfortable to wear,” he adds.

Not sure which shade to pick? DuWop has the stress-free solution with Private Red, £18 ( – a magic lipstick which adapts to be the perfect shade for your skin tone.

Fix mistakes fast

In case you applied too much powder wrap a clean tissue around a powder puff and spray with a water mist. Then softly press and pat over the loaded areas to pull away excess product.

Make-up miracle

For a fast make up solution focus on the skin that people wiould notice. Use a brush to blend foundation swiftly then go for the blemishes and dark circles with a concealer. Go for a makeup at first sweep of sheer powder and add dimension. Curl lashes to promptly open up the eyes then cover with lashings of mascara. A slick of lipstick would be perfect finish for you if you don’t have enough time for a full-fledged time.

Neaten up nails

At the very last moment never forget to nail pencil scraped under the edge of nails smoothen their appearance. Then go for a glossy topcoat and cuticle oil for neat and fresh nails.

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