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10 Tips To Eat Healthy In Winter 2021

Staying healthy, fresh and joyous in winter is really a difficult task because the darker nights and the gloomy days sometimes leads to illness, inactive and down hearted. Working sluggishly in winter people often missed important tusk necessary for sound health. In a result illness occurs. Whatever you do one thing is must that you have to eat healthy food in order to stay healthy and fresh. And if you are confused of what to eat or what not in winters then you are on the right place. Here you get some very useful tips on healthy eating habit in winter.

  1. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables: Every season has its own fruits and vegetables that are good or effective for that season. Like, Vitamin C is one of the main secret to stay healthy and fit during winter and most of the fruits in winter season are loaded with vitamin c. Orange is the powerhouse of vitamin c. Try to eat orange regularly or you can make juice. Carrot is called the super food for winter. It has energy, sugar, carbohydrate, fibre, protein, beta keratin and so many.. It plays a vital role to prevent many diseases. So try to eat carrot raw or with any dishes.

  1. Oatmeal: Oatmeal is the super food to start a healthy day. It is just a total package of what your body needs to a healthy beginning. It contains zinc and soluble fibre which is very effective for your immune system. Try to start the day of winter with a bowl of oatmeal and enjoy the healthy beginning.
  2. Try colourful salads: Make a salad with colourful vegetables and fruits. You can use broccoli, kale, cauliflower, tomatoes, spinach, Brussels sprouts and carrot to make your salad more good looking.
  3. Fight seasonal diseases: Winter comes with festivals and with seasonal diseases too. Seasonal flu, cough, sore throat, close nose are the main. When you are attack by one of the diseases you don’t feel like eating. Try to store some instant meal in your kitchen but careful about the food value.
  4. Keep soup on your diet chart: A bowl of smoky hot soup not only gives energy to your body but it is great refreshment for your mind too. And you can get all the important ingredients need to keep healthy your body in it. And you have the full liberty to toss anything in it to make it more delicious, healthy and tasty. You can use all the vegetables you like for vitamins, egg, various kinds of lentils, chicken and pork for protein. And you can use cream to make it creamy.
  5. Vitamin D: Nutritionists suggest for vitamin D in winter for staying healthy. Sunlight is the main source of it but sunlight alone cannot fulfil your actual need. Salmon and dairy products are the other sources of vitamin d.
  6. Balanced diet: A balanced diet means the presence of 5 essential elements of food as carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamin and minerals. In order to stay healthy you must ensure proper diet on your every day routine.
  7. Keep a food diary: Try to maintain a food diary to calculate the nutrition value of food you are eating. So that it will be easy for you check the food value every day.
  8. Eat before go outside: Just try to eat something when you are going to a party or any outside meeting. Because when your stomach is empty you cannot think about the food value but if your stomach is full you get the time to think about the food value and obviously take the nutritious one.
  9. Eat spices and herbs: Add spices and herbs in your regular food. You can use mint and basil in your tea and turmeric on your dishes. Turmeric are the natural anti biotic and basil and mint are also the same to fight for seasonal diseases.

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