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8 Amazing Thanksgiving Health Tips to Stay Healthy

The Thanksgiving Day is a special day when everyone shares something. The friends and family gathers to have some fun and make parties. Everyone is gathered around on such occasions so a party deserves to be held. You may have to eat unevenly or you can set a target for the Thanksgiving Day. Check out these amazing thanksgiving health tips to stay healthy. Don’t miss out the fun with friends and family.

Don’t skip breakfast
Many people think that they can skip breakfast to save extra calorie to intake later. Skipping breakfast can leave you feel hungry more than usual to indulge higher fat food later. Enjoy a healthy low calories breakfast by cooking dishes like eggs and whole wheat toast or peanut butter or fruits.
Snack smart
Many people or families have snacks before dinner. Eating a high volume low calorie snack like veggies or some nuts can reduce your hunger. Skip the crackers and cheese or chips to save your self from unnecessary calories and fat.
Lighten up your ingredients
If you are throwing a thanksgiving party then you are in a complete control of your foods. So you can lighten up the dinner by making some swaps. If you are not hosting ask to bring yourself the item which is healthier item at the party. Use low sodium broth instead of regular, whole rain instead of white herbs and spices instead of salt.
Skip the self-basting turkey
Self-basting turkeys are higher in sodiumwhich can effect to high blood pressure and heart function, to make a plain turkey moist bake it with the skin on and remove the skin once the temperature reached to 165 degrees.

Sneak in veggies
Because of the large number of dishes served at the Thanksgiving Day you will have the opportunities to seat veggies for dinner. Serve roasted vegetables, and use healthy foods like whole wheat instead of white and mashed potato instead of sweet potatoes.
Deny High-calorie comfort foods
Youmight want to go for the comfort foods when its holiday. Yes I am talking about the pecan pie, apple crisp, mashed potatoes, turkey stuffing, and creamy soups. You should hate those extra calories to have a healthy diet. If you can’t resist yourself from the seasonal special dished your jeans will not feat in the next days after the thanksgiving. There are a lot of diet recipes made for the people like you to win the weight loose challenges after the holiday parties.

Try a new, healthier recipe
Go for the regular mashed cauliflower rather than the regular mashed potatoes. Add plain Greek yogurt for creaminess. You can have flavor using garlic, basil and oregano. Roast sweet potatoes with olive oil instead of candied yams. Make your kids involved in mashing the things.

Get some exercise before or after dinner
Exercise is an important thing for our everyday health. get the family together for the exercise like walk, playing football or others. it will help you to feel less tired from the hunger helping your body absorb some of the extra sugar from eating.

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