Skin Care

Amazingly Awesome and Sexy things you Should know About Your Skin

Wherever you go a beautiful appearance is the thing that helps you to catch attention more than others. But it is not too easy to get a perfect help without taking help from beauty experts or others who have good styling sense. But getting help from beautician is kind of expensive what we usually don’t afford. On the other hand, it is also difficult to get help from your elder sister or mother as they are busy in their work. Read here, here are few beauty tips for girls that help you to get make up easily but attractively.

When you go outside, you see many girls to take heavy makeup, what is totally a kind of un comfort ability. Moreover, it does not help you to get good impression from others rather it leaves a bad impression to your personality. You must be thinking what kind of makeup is smart and classy. My answer goes to simple. The simpler, the better. Anyways, to get a classy look I am helping you by giving some easier beauty tips for girls.

If you are young, start your makeup with tinted moisturizer, which will give you light coverage with proper hydration support. You can also prefer to have foundation with SPF formula, what save your skin form unusual skin damage that is caused by UV-rays from the sun.  After applying moisturizer you can use a little amount of concealer or foundation. While using concealer do not make pile on the concealer, as it shows you artificial make up what mar the original beauty. I have another suggestion in case of using foundation. I think this is the most important beauty tips for girls especially for the teenage level. That is if you are too young like your age is between 16 to 20, avoid using foundation, as this is not the right time to go through this beauty products. Usually at this girls have fresh and nourished skin, what may not look bad without high make up. I always prefer that simpler is the better what I told before. If you really like to be stylish but classy go for this beauty tips for girls.

Another beauty tips for girls if you really want to look gorgeous without taking heavy makeup is use of brown mascara. This is really cool one to add a little bit of color and length to the lashes, what will change your look to a great extent. Though black mascara is ok but the brown is the best if you want to get spellbound complexion to your eyes. But girls are keen to use black mascara to volume their eye lash. One of the very bad effect of black mascara is it makes your lash heavier when it dried out, even using of it much may look your lashes like spider leg what makes your look incredibly dramatic. So girls, consider this beauty tips for girls while using mascara.

The thing that will finish your make up is a simple tinted lip gloss, with a little color and shine. This is the thing what makes you feel older or younger. Let me explain how it is?  If you are a girl of 16 or around like that using of lip gloss make you feel younger as you have the privilege to use this beauty products of your mom and grandmother. On the other hand using a very light lip gloss make you feel younger. It may pull you to your teen age.  This is secret beauty tips for girls what I really love to share with my readers.