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The Secret Behind Your Beautiful Eyes : Beautiful Eye Care Tips 2021

There is no doubt that eye is the most important part of our eyes. But quite unfortunately we are not enough careful to care our eyes. As a result of this our eyes faces many eye problems. Sometimes it is so severe that it may reach into   blindness level.  However, being a little careful can save your eye from unnecessary health risk to your eyes. Read this article I have given here few eye care tips. The eye care tips are:

The Secret Behind Your Beautiful Eyes : Beautiful Eye Care Tips

The first eye care tips start with your food. Eat healthy to save your eyes.  You should consume foods that contain Omega 3 fatty acid what usually found in salmon, tuna and other oily fishes and vitamin A, these two food ingredients are too good for eye health. You can keep these food ingredients to your everyday diet. This is not only eye care tips rather it is a key activity to keep your eye safe from any unwanted health problems.

The second eye care tips for your eye is, do not give much pressure while your work with your eye. Just take couple of minutes break in every hour, especially when you work with something that catch your eyes much. Close your eyes for 3 to 5 minutes and relax.

It is often seen that when we are working in computer, playing video games or watching TV, we glued our eyes to the screen and the number of blink is very less in compare to usual range.  According to the experts , we should blink minimum 25 to 30 times in a minute but when we watch TV or  work in computer like reading posts or work, we forget to blink. Sometimes it takes more than 5 minutes what affects our eyes. Sometimes the problem is so acute that it damages our sight gradually without letting us know its side effects. Remember this eye care tips to save your eye.

The next eye care tips goes on wear glasses to protect your eyes from sun light and dust. Always keep a spectacle in your bag. Use it in case of necessity. You can use zero power glasses for regular use to protect your eyes from dust but if it is sunny day you should use sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays.

If you want to keep your eyes you can do this simple act very often as per as this eye care tips. Splash your eyes clean and cold water at least three times in a day.  It wont refresh you only but also keep your eyes free from dust and dirt.

You can do some eye exercises besides following this eye care tips. Usually eye care exercises is very easy  moreover it does not ask you much time and suitable places. You can do these exercises in office break time, or when you are sitting idle or if  you really have nothing to do. For eye care exercises you can go for online. You will get here tons of videos on eye care tips and exercises.

Your eye is the most important part of your body, so you cannot neglect any problems that are related to your eyes. Though, it is tend to be seen that people scarcely consult with doctor for eyes problem, until it does not reach it highest peak. My suggestion goes please don’t do this by mistake. You’re a little mistake can be the enemy of your life forever. If you feel irritation or any itching or any eyes problems consult with doctor immediately.  It is better to consult wth doctor twice in a year.

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