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How to Live Longer: 4 Tips To Live To 100 Years Old

Want to know how to live longer? Who does not want to live long? Many men and women who have passed the 90s mark know a few things about living like 100 years. It’s all about your health. This life hacks on how to live longer, if incorporated in your life from now on? Who knows you can be among those people who reached the three figures and still boast a health!How to Live Longer

Eat fresh.
Eat fresh local food you can have easily which has vitality and energy you may require. I am sure if you opt for those your body will pay you gratitude! Many aged women who are health-conscious take on the salad for lunch every day. Eat healthily is not only for younger people it’s not true, if continued at the older age, healthy and fresh food not only enhance your vitality; it will lead to linger your life a bit more.

Make exercise a priority
Opt for exercise daily and regularly. Do not skip it for a day if possible. It’s all about simple fitness exercises according to your age. Go and visit your nearest fitness center, there are experts who would happily make charts for you considering your age and health condition.

Manage your time well
Time-management might seem a bit tricky, but there is hacks and technique that will lead to managing your time well. Opt for a plan such as five markers. At the beginning of the week, look at the last week and mark activities in different colors: i.e. blue for things that need to be done urgently; black for anything that might be a better use of your time; red dedicated to your health, like exercise; green for anything that boost you mental growth, like volunteering or reading stuff; and any color of your choosing favorite color for anything that was enjoyable. Then look at the colors and think something how you can better the next week. Which mean avoiding stuff that doesn’t develop your life for good.

Make time for your friends
You ought to have a great support network as your backbone to lead a long life. Its not that easy! Strife for it, be friendly try to manage a inner circle of two pals upon whom you can make your close quarter. Make friend whom you can call even at 2:00 AM. Never get bock down. If someone fails you go make a new bonding for your good!

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