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4 Amazing Ideas to Brighten Your Winter Mood | Winter Mood Boosters 2023

Well girls and ladies, it seems you are in the home stretch, just a couple more months remaining to get rid of this gray and dark winter before you can start wearing bright dresses. If you are itching for the spring and feeling a little blah, do not worry. We have some amazing ideas to brighten up your winter.

Bright piece
If you don’t have a bright piece of dresses already, you should spend a little on it. You don’t need to invest on coat, just get some colorful, fun new gloves, a hat or a scarf. Don’t invest your valuable money on highlighter yellow coat, get some pink gloves to dress up that classy camel you already have. If you are on fluorescent neon trend go for it, but you also0 can wear super saturated jewel tone or a spring like pastel.
Make Your Jewelry Box Bright
Take a necklace from your collection or buy a new one and spray paint it with a bright neon color to wear with your winter basics. You can wear these necklaces that are super feminine and traditional in style. You can use a brighter necklace for more unexpected fun that keeps the necklace from becoming too overwhelming.  When you buy necklace make sure that lays flat like a rhinestone collar, something rounder with beads or pearls. This will make it easier to ensure you coat everything with color. Start with a coat of white spray paint with neon color pop.

Prepare Your Face for spring
Want an easy and efficient tip? Try adding some fun and flirty spring colors to your beauty routine. You will love the dark plum and deep wine lipsticks of winter. You could use something more playful as we use in warmer temps.
You can try some fuchsia colored lipsticks. You can opt for a spring lip color like a good matte bright pink which is really flattering on most of the skin tones. If you feel extra bold opt for a neutral lip and try a bright eye shadow or liner. Take caution as this look can go tacky very quick. Spend a little time online, beauty magazines or beauty department for inspirations.Rock the After Labor Day White
If you are thinking that no white after Labor Day you should change the plan and I am here to say it’s time to do away. I am saying about white skinny jeans, a white blazer, or a winter white skirt for winter. You should try wearing some matching pieces. You can simply wear creamy white pieces with your outfits for a popping beauty. Though white is technically not a color but it helps brighten your winter mood.
Winter is absolutely a dull season and everything looks dull and grey in this season which makes our mood dull. You can amp up your mood, transform your mood into brighter.

4 Amazing Ideas to Brighten Your Winter Mood

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