4 Simple Ways To Apply Liquid Foundation Correctly You Should Know

4 Simple Ways To Apply Liquid Foundation Correctly You Should Know 2021

Not everyone is blessed with a fair and flawless skin. So to get a perfect flawless and spotless skin we have to use some beauty products. Foundation is one of them. It is a powder or liquid makeup that used to make an even tone, cover the spots and change the skin tone.  First you have to choose the right shades appropriate for your skin tone. And then applying properly can gives you the perfect looks you want. You choose the right shades, the right formula, coverage you want, everything; but what happen is a big mess, and that is your ignorance not aware about the proper process of applying. So what is more important is know the right way to applying foundation on your face properly. Today we are here for you with 4 simple and best ways to apply foundation especially liquid foundation on your face to get the perfect finish at all.

4 Simple Ways To Apply Liquid Foundation Correctly You Should Know

There are a variety of tools you can use for applying liquid foundation on your face depending on your preference or easy to use for you. Check it out..

1. Beauty blender or beauty sponge: If you want a medium coverage it would be better for you to use a sponge or beauty blender. There are varieties of sponges available in market. You just have to choose the right sponge according to your need. Round sponge is better for powder foundation while the triangular is for liquid, but you may use anyone you like and it is not mandatory. Pointed tips sponges are best for blending foundation on under eye area and round sponge are for large area like cheeks and forehead. Before using wet the sponge with water and wipe the excess water by squeezing it. It will give you a smooth finishing and for the moisture on the sponge your liquid will not be absorbed. Clean the sponge very carefully ensuring that there is no remaining foundation on it, because it produces bacteria. Start by dotting and then blended with the sponge for more coverage in a soft bouncing motion.

2. Fingertips: You can use your fingertips for applying liquid foundation on your face and neck. It will be great to create a thin layer of makeup. Your body heat helps to melt the foundation rapidly so that it will blend properly into your skin and gives you a perfect look. But one thing should be kept in mind that by using your fingertips you can’t make a full coverage and it will leave an uneven appearance which is not expected. But it is very easy to create a natural look by using your fingertips. But make sure about the sanitary of your hand. Squeeze the liquid as much as you need and dot all over your face and then dab and swipe outward and down using your fingertips. This motion helps you to get a smooth and perfect finish.

3. Fluffy buffing brush: For a quick and uneven finish you can use a buffing brush. First dot liquid foundation all over your face and buff with a gentle pressure in circular motion.

4. Flat foundation brush: The main usefulness of a flat foundation brush is that its texture will helps you to make the perfect finish including the hairlines, eyes and eye brows line. Dot foundation all over your face and beck and mostly the areas you need most. And then using the even side of the brush and stretch the liquid outward and down by giving a gentle pressure.

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