Annabelle Halloween Makeup Tutorial : How To Look Like Annabelle 2023

If you are a fan of horror films then you must love the Annabelle doll!! If you have run out of villain characters of horror movies this costume is in trend right now!! Annabelle is a spooky doll that attacks people in the conjuring movie series. If you are acquainted with the true story of this doll then you should like to wear this makeup for the Halloween. If you tend to do it yourself I am here to help you. I have tried to keep the costume cheaper but appear expensive. Now follow the steps to apply the makeup!

The hair

The first thing you have to do is braid your hair into two basic braids, known as pigtails. Annabelle has reddish brown hair so if you have not that hair color you have to temporarily dye your hair if you want to get an authentic look. If you don’t like to make a change you have to do it for the sake of Annabelle. Annabelle has bangs as the movie showed, so you might have bangs to get it right! If you are not willing to chop your hair you can skip the process.

The Makeup

Makeup is the most important thing about this Halloween costume but it is not too difficult. If you are a girl you should have all the makeup at your home. It is recommended to pick up some cheap items that are needed for this costume. Buy a zombie makeup, concealer, foundation, mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner. If you are a boy trying to dress up like Annabelle you should borrow some makeup from your friends or family members. You also have the option to buy it from online.

Applying the Makeup

The first step in the process is applying foundation like your party makeup. Applying lots of foundation that way, your face will have a caked-on look, making you look less human. For pale skin use your regular foundation and for darker skin use costume makeup like gray. Use concealer to cover up what you want.

Apply creases to your face, use eyeshadow for the best result. Use a brown shade to roll on to your face. A standard brown used with a thin applicator might work well.

Now move on work on the eyes. Use the eyeshadow to create a dark look on the lids. Make a combination of the black makeup stick and black eyeliner to draw all around your eyes. Using both made it easier, but using just one might work fine.

After working on eyelashes, draw the eyebrows back on to your face. Ensure to make the eyebrows thin. If your real eyebrows are starting to show through the concealer and foundation add a few eyeshadows to make the eyelids look slightly darker.

Your next step should be using the red makeup stick that came with the zombie makeup kit. If your regular blush is not bright enough draw a circle on each cheek and smudge the red makeup in order to get the perfect Annabelle cheek.

Get a red makeup stick that came with the zombie makeup and then outlines it with brown makeup stick.

The Outfit

This is the last part of this Halloween costume. You have to wear the dress Annabelle wore in the movie. Get that dress from online or make it at home. Get the right outfit to have the look that looks like real Annabelle doll of the movie.

Annabelle Halloween Makeup Tutorial : How To Look Like Annabelle