Create Your Red-Hot Smokey Eye Step by Step

Create Your Red-Hot Smokey Eye Step by Step

Particular accessories act as automatic sex appeal. Sexy smokey eye makeup is one of them. Smokey eye makeup includes eyeliner, and dark eye shadow mixed into lighter eye shadow to create the “smokey” effect. In this content, we’re going to wreck the ins and outs of the smokey eye makeup.

What will You Need to Create Your Own Smokey Eye Look?

Eye shadow concealer or primer, a dark color pencil or gel liner such as brown or black, an eye shadow palette with a middle eye shadow shade which will act as a base color, a darker eye shadow shade to add depth, and a light shimmer or metallic eye shadow for highlighting.

Create Your Red-Hot Smokey Eye Step by Step

Sexy Smokey Eye In Red

Sexy Smokey Eye In Red

1. Prepare Your Eyes

Use eye shadow concealer or primer as the base on your eyelid. It will ensure that the eye shadow will last and stay across the day.

2. Cover Your Eyelid with Middle Shade

Middle shade can be the base of the eye look. So make sure that you pick a color that companions the darker shade. For a more delicate look, you need to go for neutral beige and browns.

3. Line Your Upper Lid with Dark Eyeliner Pencil

Make sure to get between your lashes for veil without gaps when you are lining your eyes. Don’t get worried about how perfect the liner is. It will be messed up and mixed with the rest of the eye shadow.

4. Use Darker Eye Shadow shade

Use a darker eye shadow shade over your liner, in the crease, and outer corners of your eyes. You can use black, grey, or navy for the classic smokey eyes. Jewel tones like deep red, purple, green can work if you are looking to do a more colorful look.

5. Add a Light Shimmer

For contrast, add a light shimmer on the inner corner of your eye. Try to pick one color that complements the other colors from the look, when you are choosing a color for the light shimmer. While light colors like pink, orange, or blue can suit more colorful looks, gold or silver can suit more neutral smokey eyes.

Try to keep the face very simple. Apply your regular foundation, concealer and powder to complement the eye shadows.

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