Skipping Rope Workout Challenge for You
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Skipping Rope Workout Challenge for You

Skipping rope is an aerobic exercise. Skipping allows you to burn a lot of calories. Ten minutes of skipping rope can harshly be considered the very same of running an eight-minute mile. It can gain a burn rate of up to 1,300 calories per hour of forceful activity, with about 0.1 calories absorbed per jump. Skipping is arguably a better exercise than walking, and running. The better you get at skipping rope, the more calories you burn in less time.

Skipping Rope Workout Challenge for You

For Whom?

The challenge is for anyone and everyone who wants to start moving their body and build momentum in an exercise program..


You need just a skipping rope. That’s it.


When it will work for you? When you wake up first, or after work? So, there is no best time for it! Find the time where you can create a habit, and that you will stick with.

Should You Eat Before Workout?

It depends on what is working for you and what your goal is. Are you trying to get bulk up? This thing you need to consider. Ultimately, you should be able to eat, and workout whenever you want.

Workout Every Day:

It’s important to you to push yourself.  If that is what challenges you, then do it.

Rest between Circuits:

You just need to challenge yourself. The goal is to perform the challenge. If you need 2 minutes rest, then take it. If you need more, you can take it also. Let your heart rate to be settled. Find your breath, and get back to it. But don’t go to have a coffee break.

What Method to be Used?

Simply, cross rope. Cross rope is the best skipping rope method available, believe that.


General concrete is the easiest surface to find. Don’t be afraid of it. Just listen to your body. If you start to feel pain, ease off for a bit. If you don’t have a great flat surface, then look for a skipping rope mat.


The better you get at skipping rope, the more calories you burn in less time. You can throw it in your bag whenever you go out from your house, and do a workout anytime you want. So, you don’t need a gym membership, unless you want to. We can promise that skipping rope will activate every part of your body. Skipping rope is safe, comparing to the other forms of exercise. The risk of injury is comparatively low in it. You can learn new tricks always, and can improve your skills. This is the beauty of the skipping rope. The more you practice, the better you get, and the cooler you look. There is a reason why the fighters include skipping rope exercises in their training program. If you are an athlete, and you are looking to improve your speed and footwork, then skipping rope exercise is perfect for you. Just make sure that you are picking up a rope that is sized correctly. Choose a rope that is 3 feet taller than however tall you are. Pick a lightweight rope.

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