8 Proven ways How to Relieve Stress Naturally
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8 Proven ways How to Relieve Stress Naturally | How to Reduce Stress

Stress, stress! Hurling after you! We know that. You might have invented o\your own ways to relieve stress like exercising, talking to friends, or simply getting outside or listening to music. But that may not work as well you expected. We present you some proven 8ways How to Relieve Stress Naturally.
So pamper yourself with these eight natural tactics that will let you calm, you will feel soothing and spoiled as well.

Decorate with lavender
This natural ingredient has a calming scent that can slow down your heart rate and blood pressure, so you can relax and even drift off to the dreamland. Place dried lavender near to your bed or enjoy slathering on moisturizer with lavender extracts.

Have a chocolate-covered strawberry
When you’re feeling over stressed, It’s fine that you are tempted to delight yourself with sweet treats you may find around. But know that sweets are generally high in sugars that may easily increase your blood sugar levels. Rather go for strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. The dark chocolate may help diminishing stress hormones like cortisol.

Take a bath
Dipping body in water has a calming effect. Add lavender bath oils or aromatherapy candles and I guess you have accomplished complete Zen.

Give yourself a scalp massage
Getting your hair shampooed at the salon is so refreshing, right? The good news is that you can recreate that experience at home. In order to melt away stress, massage your scalp with your fingertips; if possible get it done by others. Move fingers from your hairline to the back of your head a few times. Scalp massages replenish natural conditioning oils so besides calming effect you will get amazing and gorgeous hair.

Get a Swedish massage
Swedish massage is a gentle, soft strokes, which develop circulation and help you chill you stress. Add aromatherapy massage , where essential oils are used during the treatment.

Sip chamomile tea
Research shows that this herbal brew contains same brain receptors as drugs like Valium; this tea acts as a mild natural tranquillizer. Do not like teas? Chamomile supplements may prove handy for you to help reduce tension. Try it to believe it.

Step in the sauna
Do not forget to try out sauna after your next workout. As your body heats up a bit, taking up sauna right afterward muscle tension and stress can get away. In addition warmth effect can alter neural circuits that improve our mental state. This is the reason why exercises make us feel better.

Give yourself feet rub
Reflexology is an alternative medicine therapy. It works well applying pressure to different parts of the body. It also may help to de-stress ourselves, and possibly help those who have migraines. Run under the base of your toes to calm your head and gently massage the ball of your foot to relax yourself. Rubbing up your big toes exerts soothing endorphins that allow us to relax.Try these proven ways to get relief from stress situations. Thank you for visiting our page. In hope you find this article, 8 proven ways How to Relieve Stress Naturally. For plenty of more articles like this, stay with us.

8 Proven ways How to Relieve Stress Naturally

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