25 Pretty Ponytail Hairstyles: For Your Glamorous Look At Winter!

In this cold season, you must be thinking a lot about your hairstyle you should go for. We have come up with suggestion of doing ponytail hairstyle in winter because it is the jack of all trades, and it is a style meant for keeping your hair back. It can also be elegant, preppy & opulent depending on your style & accessories you want to use. Here are 25 Pretty Ponytail Hairstyles in Winter that helps you to get  Glamorous Look at any occasion! 

Let’s Explore 25 Pretty Ponytail Hairstyles Altogether!

1. Low Pony Half Braided

pretty pony hairstyles

A low pony is a great hairstyle to begin with because it is straightforward to do and fashionable as well. But to have an instantly day-to-night look, make a half braid at the base, and you can also style it with fishtail braid to mix things up.

2. Ponytail Updo

pretty ponytail hairstyles

The ponytail is simple, but you can make it fancy too. This ponytail-updo hybrid looks tricky, but it is straightforward to do. First, pull your hair into a half-up style and then use a clear elastic to secure your hair. After that combine the rest of your hair with the half-up style and tie together by using a skinny ribbon.

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3. Braided Low Ponytail

pretty ponytail hairstyles

Want to make your low ponytail a fashion statement & talk of the town? To do that, you will only need a colorful scarf.  Firstly, try to secure your hair into a low ponytail. Secondly, tie the scarf around the base, and then weave your hair into a loose braid.

4. Bobby-Pinned Ponytail

pretty ponytail hairstyles

Believe me your right pins could be your next best accessory. Put the pins in work, just by lining them up along the side of your ponytail.

5. Bow Pony

pretty ponytail hairstyles

This ponytail style would be liked by everyone. From high to low ponytail fashion, every ponytail will love a finishing touch by using a bow. To make it more girly & fun, try using a full, silky bow.

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6. Short Shaggy Ponytail

pretty ponytail hairstyles

If you’ve short hair & thought that you couldn’t pull off a stylish pony, then think again. Just let your layers & bangs to roam free around your ears, and it’ll catch that undone look perfectly.

7. Perky Ponytail

pretty ponytail hairstyles

Want to have something classy & evergreen? Then this high ponytail is a classic style that never goes out of fashion. Wrap some hair around the base and conceal the hair tie. It would work like a charm.

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8. Ponytail With a French Braid

pretty ponytail hairstyles

Do you want something with the best of both worlds? Then you’d like to have this French braided ponytail hairstyle. Start this style with a fun French braid by using a scarf and finish it with a casual low ponytail.

9. Wavy Mid-Ponytail

pretty ponytail hairstyles

If you want something that works from night to day, office to a party. Then this wavy ponytail you would like to consider. Leave a few wavy tendrils to frame your face and add volume to the crown.

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10. Short Scrunchie Pony

pretty ponytail hairstyles

We all like to have something back from the 90s. If you want something retro then this is your style. Pull back your hair into a clinched pony with a cute scrunchie, and you’ll wonder why you let this hairstyle go out of fashion in the first place.

11. Add Volume To Your Pony

pretty ponytail hairstyles

Everyone would like to have volume in their hair with a ponytail just like a supportive friend to keep around. To have some extra oomph, use volume spray or tease your hair with hands & comb.

12. Undone Your Ponytail

pretty ponytail hairstyles

Sometimes unfinished things look great in the eyes & you can do this with your ponytail as well just by leaving some strands of hair. Just let your long strands & tousled hang around your face and keep your hair lock up using scarfs or elastic bands.

13. Bubbly Pony

pretty ponytail hairstyles

One of the most iconic ponytails is the Bubbly-Ponytail that we ‘ve first encountered on animated Disney heroines. This ponytail is modern & comfortable with making. Just pull your hair into a high pony, space elastics every few inches, and draw on both sides of each section to get that rounded effect.

14. Pearl-Decked Low Pony

pretty ponytail hairstyles

Using jewelry is worth your style this winter. And it also has in trend with minimal effort.  Just use pearl-shaped pins or any pins you have scattered your jewelry with a low ponytail.

15. Baby Bubble Ponytail

pretty ponytail hairstyles

This baby bubble ponytail is as cute as it gets. Like the bubble ponytail style, it has miniature bubbles with more modern look. Just do it like the bubbly pony style with clear elastics for a sleek finish.

15 Stylish & Pretty Ponytail Hairstyles in Winter (1)

This pony is super classic!

15 Stylish & Pretty Ponytail Hairstyles in Winter (1)

Its voluminous and trendy in winter! You can mesmerized anyone with this classy pretty ponytail hairstyles.

15 Stylish & Pretty Ponytail Hairstyles in Winter (1)

This is messy and super trendy for rock but stylish girl. You can wear this pretty ponytail hairstyles at any occasion.

15 Stylish & Pretty Ponytail Hairstyles in Winter (1)

This is simple to make but its appearance made it a most pretty ponytail hairstyles for any occassion.

This front braided up ponytail hairstyles is super classic and stylish. This has been  a favorite choice for stylish but who adorn a bit difference in their look. You can try this pretty ponytail hairstyles if you want to bring a different look at any occasion. Another most important things of this ponytail hairstyles is it will reduce your age at least 10 years.

 So don’t get late. Catch out these super pretty ponytail hairstyles and make your own style. Be the Diva at your function.

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