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5 Surprising Tips To Prepare Your Skin Before Make-Up 2021

How will you feel if your hour’s long make-up comes out a big zero? The answer is, definitely bad, right?  Actually sometimes its not because you choose the wrong shades of foundation or applying the unsuitable lip colours, it may be that your skin is not ready for make-up now. Surprised? Don’t be, this is the truth that your skin also needs to be prepare for make-up. Today we are here with some important tips for your skins preparation for make-up.

5 Surprising Tips To Prepare Your Skin Before Make-Up


           1. Cleansing

Not only before make-up, you should clean your face every day and before makeup it is highly recommended a fresh and clean skin. Choose the appropriate cleanser for your skin type. Cream cleanser is for dry skin which moisturise while cleaning. Foam or gel cleanser is for oily skin which clean oil without irritating. Look for combination skin cleanser or face wash if you have combination skin and use the cleansers made from plant oil if you have sensitive skin. Use a cleanser prescribed by your physician if you have acne or pimples on your skin. It contains salicylic acid and benzyl peroxide.

Try to use lukewarm water washing your face. First wet your face then take a small amount of your preferred cleanser and gently massage in circular motion on to your skin for 1 minute and then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. With a clean towel pat dry the face.

        2. Toning

Now apply toner on your dry face. It is highly recommended that the toner must be free from alcohol. Do not skip the point because it is an important part of your daily skincare routine. Toner swipe away the remaining dead cells or bacteria, the cleanser might have missed. You can use rose water or cucumber juice as toner.

Wet a cotton ball with toner and just gently swipe all over your face and neck. Do not rub or massage, just wet your face with it.

        3. Scrubbing

Scrub once or twice in a week is a must for radiant skin. If not then your skin becomes dull and rough. But not do this more. More scrubbing can damage your skin pores.

Use a washcloth for scrubbing. Take your desired amount of cleanser on the washcloth and then gently massage in circular motion. Rinse thoroughly. You can buy scrub from store or you can make it with sugar and olive oil for your own.

           4. Moisturising

You have to choose the right moisturiser for your skin types. You should use one for the day and another for the night. Moisturiser for day should contain at least SPF 15. One thing is must to remember when buying moisturiser, that the day time moisturiser should be lighter and the night time should be heavier.

Look for the oil free moisturiser for oily skin and you may use thicker cream as moisturiser. Do not rub or massage moisturiser on your skin. Just press the moisturiser by your finger tips. Never do hurry after applying moisturiser on your skin. Rest at least 5 minutes so that moisturiser can set on your skin.

          5. Priming

Makeup primer helps to fill any lines that makeup can’t. You can use rose water as primer for your makeup or there are a lot of varieties of primer available in stores. Just choose for your desired one.

If you wants to cover the spots only you just use a concealer brush or if you wants to cover your whole face squeeze  primer on your finger and just dab. Then gently massage.

        Apply makeup

Now your skin is perfectly ready for makeup. If you prepared your skin in a better way you will surely look an amazing output when you’ve done your makeup.

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