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Permanent Hair Straightening at Home | Best Hair Straightening Tips 2023

There are many girls who like to keep their hair straighten for all time. Are you one of them?  if it is yes, the I will say that, you have clicked in the right link. But if I ask you how you will straighten your hair, then what will be your answer? Using hair straightener or going to parlor not it? But I think, to straighten hair with hair straightener is a lengthy, complex and sometimes risky matter if there is a presence of carelessness. Not it?  But how it will be if I say you that it is possible without the burden of hair straightener?

We know that most of the girls use hair straightener to get straight hair. The process is not so easy and it could be tricky for different types of hair. That means, before going with this, you have to be highly careful about what is your hair type while you get set for hair straightening you must have to use straightening cream in order to get it smooth and sleek. It will greatly helpful for you saves your time and

Permanent Hair Straightening at Home

helps to make shiny and smooth hair. Curly and fizzy hair could be hard to manage. Hair straightening regularly could damage your hair and you might me tired of straightening your hair every day. Do you want straight hair without styling it every day? Here are some methods to do Permanent hair straightening.

Pick a hair relaxer– This is the first process you have to follow for this process. Any make up or hair expert will have a variety of choices when it comes to hair relaxers. You can try your salon for access to other products. But the difficulties come down to be choosing between a relaxer with lye and a relaxer without lye. Products without lye are more popular when it comes to home applications. There is a problematic side of this step. And, the disadvantage of this product is that it can leave your hair dull and damaged like every day straightening.  For this, it will be better for you to make sure that,  you know what you’re getting into before starting the process. Once you straighten your hair with a relaxer, it will be difficult to hold much of a curl. If you want to have super curly hair you may have to change the way.

Wear protective gear– after completing the first step, the second step is wearing a protective gear. We know that, everyone like me wants to protect their skin, clothes, and hands while handling this product. Wear an old t-shirt, gloves and an old towel over your shoulders.

Mix the product– Now comes to the third step. I think you know that, a hair relaxer kit generally comes with a couple of different packets of creams or pastes. It will be better for you to follow the directions on yours. Then find a wooden spatula for use. Let the product stay relaxed for a few minutes before you start using it. This is greatly helpful for everything incorporate and melts. Another important for you that, apply petroleum jelly means Vaseline around your neck, hairline, and ears. If you are afraid about your lovely skin whether it will get damaged through chemical, that means if you want to protect your skin from the chemicals Just a thin layer on all edges of your hairline. It will greatly protect you from soaking chemicals. But be careful about one thing that, you have to make sure that the relaxer doesn’t move other that your hair because it is not good for your skin and definitely not good for the eyes.

Does a strand test– it is difficult to find anyone who likes to slather a chemical all over the head on the first use. I think, you are not out of them. But it can be good news for you that, you can avoid this by grabbing a small section of hair at the bottom of your neck. For this, you have to simply apply relaxer to the section Leave it on per the instructions or until you see results. And then wash out and dry. And finally check breakage and damage, if everything is alright continue and if it’s not do not use the product next time.

Set the timer– It has great importance to leave the hair relaxer on for the right amount of time. If it stays for the maximum amount of time the relaxer should be soaking into your strands and do serious damage. Apply the relaxer in ¼ sections and you can start applying to your whole head. Start at the root and go to the tip, work in small sections and apply as evenly as possible. But you have to careful about one thing that it does not go to your scalp. Smooth through with a comb when you have finished applying. Go through your tresses with wide-toothed, plastic comb evening out the relaxer. It will be better for to keep yourself active always.

Rinse, shampoo, and rinse again– after the finish line it will be better for you to rinses your hair well and use shampoo to get rid of all the relaxer. Some relaxers are colorful so, if you go with that, you can easily see where it is. Shampoo your hair after rinse with water. Take a sharp look when you are done and if there is still residue it could make damage, so be careful.

Apply conditioner– you will find many exclusive products come with a leave-in conditioner with the package. This will be greatly helpful for you to prevent your lovely hair from great damage. Finally, you have to ensure to get all the layers of your hair and then dry with a towel.