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7 Effective Mental Tricks That Shed Pounds: Remain Fit 2023

Your bag-o-tricks failed to stop craving? Looking for effective Mental Tricks That Shed Pounds Food addiction is hard to tame and may seem impossible to stop cravings for more. But there some effective Mental Tricks That Shed Pounds so you can create a pause on unnecessary hunger that slowing you down and piling up pounds.  Scroll down for 7 Mental Tricks That Shed Pounds

1. Distraction

Food cravings can be a great pastime. Believe me it has proven in case of many people. If you don’t have anything to do, eating serves as great time killer and it satiates any emotions that may arise when we over think. Monitor yourself before grabbing a high-fat intake or high-calorie treat. Go out and take a walk or jog or drive somewhere where there is no food available. Just create a momentum that will distract you from food. Some other distraction may be meeting a friend visit a bookstore, a hiking path, hit the gym or yoga class or anything that helps change your focus.

2. Disappear

In a place where you find food around, and people are eating junks and stuff, just get away. Simply withdraw yourself from family or friends while foods are all over the place will lead you out of possible disaster. This may appear as depriving yourself from enjoying snacks with friends or family but in future you will realize when you are able to bring your cravings under control, Then you can definitely join in.

3. Repeat Your Mantra

Mental conditioning is tough indeed, but it works awesome if you can do it to yourself. Produce a mantra that can be repeated to yourself during times of allure. You will discover this mantra kicking in and empower you. One often repeated mantra is: “A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.”

4. Halt

Stress often associated with food cravings, Stresses often related with signs of stressful anxiety stop you from intake more food. HALT is usual term for alcoholics and means Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. Response to one or more of these will get you to the root cause of your food craving. The first one is hungry; food craving can arise out of the fact that you are hungry. Skip a meal will definitely trigger food cravings. Checking out time of your last meal determines whether your blood sugar level or protein is lower. In case if you hungry for sure then eat carefully.

5. Water

Water may be the simplest of trick that can kill the cravings. It may signal the brain into thinking that you have taken meal. When food craving is beating you, go for an glass full of cold water. The chill will stimulate your metabolism to warm the water to equivalent to body temperature and at the same time help burning calories gives you a nice energy boost along the way. Adding fruits such as lemon, lime or orange with water can seriously satiate the craving for something junk!

6. Brush

Brushing your teeth can lead to the deception that something sweet has been already taken. Try carrying a toothbrush and toothpaste all times while you are away. When you are trapped into a craving go to the rest room and brush up. You will feel that you have fulfilled your hunger, have clean teeth and enjoy the flavor too.

7. Use a Stopwatch

A usual craving lasts between 5 and 15 minutes only. Following a stopwatch during a craving can be a great way to measure how long your craving sustains. When a craving hits your mind, tick the stopwatch, go for a glass of cold water and persevere. Keeping an eye on the clock help you stay away from calories!
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7 Effective Mental Tricks That Shed Pounds

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