The Best Tutorial On How To Apply Foundation Like A Pro

Foundation is an important part of your daily makeup and you must struggle to get it perfect. Don’t worry, it’s a common problem and you are going to find a complete tutorial on how to apply foundation like a pro. You will need to start with cleansing your face and applying moisturizer. Take your time to apply for a smooth and flawless finish.



How To Apply Foundation Like A Pro

Wash your face
Clean your skin to remove dirt, oils and previous makeup sat on your face. Wash with rinse of water use cleansing water with anti-inflammatory agents that will calm your skin. Use a cleansing gel that removes oil and delivers light moisturizer. Then apply moisturizer with spf to help protect your skin from the sun, before putting on makeup. Pick up a creamy moisturizer for dry skin and gel-based moisturizer for oily skin.

Add primer
The next step is applying primer which is able to smooth out the surface of your skin and minimize the look of pores. Primers help your makeup to stay long on your skin so it doesn’t fade away. Use cream gel or powder primer and apply with your fingers. Make sure you have blended it lightly with perfection.
Color-correct your skin
This thing should be applied before your foundation. Use coller-correction to cover up dark circles of your eyes or any patches of skin. There are various correctors for different skin issues. Pick a blue toned spot on fair skin, Peach targets blue or purple in medium skin, Orangey-pink conceals on dark skin and purple or dark shadows on olive and tan skin.
Adding Your Foundation
Start with a small amount- it’s best to start with a little bit of foundation if you don’t want a heavy look. You can add more foundation if you want so. Dab the foundation on your forehead, under your eyes, nose and chin. Spread the foundation from the center of your face to your hairline and neck. Blend your makeup with your fingers, brush or a sponge. Use a gentle technique of tabooing instead of rubbing or wiping. If you want to use your fingers wash them first. A synthetic brush could be fine to spread the foundation by buffing small circles. Always clean your brushes to avoid bacteria attack.Blend your foundation- use any tool as your choose to blend your foundation around face. Make sure there is no noticeable line where your foundation starts or ends. You should blend it smoothly into the eyes neck or hairline.
Touch up problem areas- if you have particularly unequal skin, acne, dark spots or eye circles touch up these areas and use concealer brush to apply foundation more heavily on the spots. Blend it well to prevent dark or light dots on the face.
Apply a setting powder- complete the entire process by applying a setting powder over your foundation. A matte powder can help prevent your foundation from sliding around and preventing oil buildup from showing through.

Choosing the Best Foundation
This is an important part of your foundation makeup. Choosing the best foundation according to your skin type is necessary. Select a light foundation for oily skin, moisturizing foundation for dry skin. Always choose the right foundation color that matches your skin best. Experiment with multiple shades of foundations on your face rather than on your neck or hand. Get the light, medium or most coverage as you want to get.
Here is a complete easy guideline on how to apply foundation on your face. You can follow the tutorial to get the complete foundation makeup.

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