7 Day Healthy Eating Plan To lose Weight Fast 2023

Losing weight can be a big task. But for this one needs to cut down  calories, but they may not know how to do this. This 7 day healthy eating plan to lose weight will help you to  lose weight fast. In this post you will get 7 days diet plan. It will guide you to have proper and effective diet which result you to lose weight in 7 days in an incredible way.

Day 1

Start your 7 days weight diet plan for weight lose with breakfast. Eat two sliced of whole grain bread topped with peanut butter and an orange.  In lunch, eat mixed vegetables, spinach, and  bean salad.  You can eat  snack at afternoon. But it should be light, you can eat a cheese stick or two piece of whole grain crackers. In dinner, eat turkey meatballs and 2 cup of vegetables. In desert eat a cup of berries for fresh fruit.

Day 2

During the Day 2 of your weight loss journey, eat a cup of whole grain cereal and a banana.  In lunch you can prefer tuna  fish baked with small amount of butter , whole grain bread with one cup of fresh vegetables.  Eat snacks just after 3 hours of the lunch, it can be some dried fruit mixed with nuts.  On dinner, eat tortilla, beans, and shredded cheese. This is a low-fat version of a burrito.

Day 3

Start your day with  a healthy breakfast. You can eat cup of oatmeal with one cup of fresh berries. In Lunch , have a turkey rollup on a tortilla topped with fresh vegetables. You can have some snacks between the lunch and dinner time. You can have some  Cottage cheese or nuts, both are great source of protein. For dinner , try to eat four ounces of chicken with one cup of couscous and a cup of vegetables. For deserts eat a cup of melon or fresh berries.

Day 4

In the Day four  of your weight loss journey you can bring some changes. For breakfast , have a half cup of granola with one cup of diced fruits mixed with  yogurt.  In lunch eat a cup of couscous with three ounces of chicken and a cup of vegetables. You can try low fat hummus with a whole wheat pita for snack. Ear grilled sweet potato, grilled salmon and a cup of vegetables for dinner.  Eat an ounce of dark chocolate for desert.

Day 5

Start with scrambled eggs stuffed in a tortilla bread. This will taste like an amazing burrito.  It is tasty as well healthy for breakfast. Eat whole grain bread tipped with a slice of cheese, a capsicum and sliced apples for lunch. Have a cup of yogurt mixed with a cup of fresh berries as a snack in the evening.  In dinner eat a cup of brown rice with chicken breast.

Day 6

Eat a whole grain pita topped with cottage cheese and dried fruit for breakfast. In lunch try  Asian chicken salad . This salad consists of mixed greens, chicken, and mandarin oranges. Eat some mixed nuts as snacks between the lunch and dinner time. Try  a whole wheat pizza for dinner. The wheat pizza should be topped with mixed greens and low-fat cheese. A half cup of frozen nonfat yogurt after dinner as desert makes your meal complete.

Day 7

Start your breakfast  with two scrambled eggs on top of two pieces of while grain bread for breakfast. This is the 7 day of your weight loss and you already started to see the change on your body.  Eat a pita sandwich topped with tofu and mixed vegetables for lunch. On dinner eat a cup of apple, barley salad and grilled lean protein such chicken ,beef, or fish. You can also add a cup of steamed vegetables for dinner.  Since you have worked really hard during the  entire period of your weight loss journey , now give yourself a treat with two small cookies.

After finishing the 7 days diet plan, measure your weight and check the difference that you made through your focused and strict diet plan. It is an guaranteed weight loss plan , which has been tried by many and finally satisfied with the desired outcome.

7 Day Healthy Eating Plan To lose Weight Fast


This is a great way for a person to lose weight in a week. Following this diet will help a person cut down on a number of calories and fat that they are consuming and will help a person lose weight and develop healthy eating habits.

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