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5 Gorgeous Gel Nail Designs With Gems Sparkle for you

This is a very much gorgeous manicure. We can see some natural but artificial cachet, which are very much well-known for several seasons. Some reminds me of India and its rich side, I must admit. Rhinestones enriches the whole manicure, a lovely contribution is giving the ring on half finger. These kinds of rings are the last two seasons absolute hit.


Nail decorating dates back to around 3000 years past. Then, I admit, they used slightly different methods of coloring the claws, using henna, for example, mixtures of bee wax, rubber, egg whites and gelatin and so on. Also, each of the stock had its own color with which paint the nails, and if a woman from a lower class background painted nails in one of the royal colors, was punished and sometimes with death. But now times have changed, to all of us are available various preparations for the care of nails and polishing, and one who is the most creative and attentive will have the most beautiful and most pretty nails. Whether you refinement your nails in the lounge or in your own home, there is a lot of ideas, you just need to let your imagination run wild.

If you refinement your nails by yourself, here are some of the most common mistakes that many faces. One of them is filing the nail in both directions, forwards and backward. Keep in mind that this is very bad and it leads to cracking. It is the best that you file in one direction only. Also, if you did not remove the cream for the nail before coloring nail with nail polish, the color will not be applied as you desire. Many women are wrong because they put too much nail polish. Two sleazy coats of paint will be quite sufficient. After paint color always goes transparent luster which will help to color lasts longer. And there is, of course, a cuticle oil, which almost always all of us skips, while in the saloon they regularly apply it. For the ladies who prefer to use gel in their nails with UV gel, life is a little easier because it is enough to visit once a month manicure.

Nails treated with UV gel last longer, lasting up to a month, so that you will be spared from almost everyday coloring natural nails. There are a lot of ideas for gelling nails. Very often you cannot decide whether you want rounded or square nails, or perhaps harsh. You do not know if you want them to be matte or gloss, in one color or a combination of two or more colors. So, dear ladies, the best would be that you in your house decide what you want to do and be ready when you arrive in the saloon. Therefore, you will become sure you will not regret after, why you for this variant decided this month. With the gelation of your natural nails, you make them more solid. It is very much important that you have proven manicure as you have proven your hairdresser. It is true that after removing gel nails will be thinner, but it is very much important that you do remove the gel in the salon, where manicures will treat them in the right path and prepare them for a quick recovery. There are various creams and gels to give strengths to natural nails, so do not worry, they will very quickly recover. Gelling is a great choice for the ladies with weak nails.

Let’s have a look at some nail art Ideas we have got below.

Image description

  1. These nail art designs remind me of the Snow Queen of the animation I’ve seen last night. They are Long, narrow, always modern neutral colors, with lots of rhinestones.
  2. Mat nails are worn for a couple of seasons. It is a beautiful dark green, royal green shade.
  3. This nail design has the combination of dark blue and purple where there are the crystals are included in a great passion.
  4. Here we have a combination of matte nail and nail with shiny gel where you may also include some more crystals. And glitter gel gives it a special note to the whole combination.
  5. If all nails in metallic color are too much for you, then that color can come with one or two nails of both hands and that will be enough for the shine.

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