12 Extremely Effective Tips For Sound Sleep You Should Know
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12 Extremely Effective Tips For Sound Sleep You Should Know 2021

Suppose, tomorrow you have an important class or a very important business meeting and now you want to sleep but you can’t. What will be your feeling? Annoying, right? But don’t be, because it may happen. Just find out the reason and try to overcome it. We just summed up 12 extremely effective tips for your sound sleep.

12 Extremely Effective Tips For Sound Sleep You Should Know

  • Turn off the light: turn off all the light of your bedroom and make it feel for sleep. But you have the uneasiness on dark then you may dim the light. Use blue light, it will help you fall asleep.
  • Use comfortable mattress and pillow: Uncomfortable pillow or mattress can be the hindrance of your sound sleep. So if you have the problem of sleeping at night then you may change your pillow and mattress, May be it can help.
  • Turn off all devices: Turn off all the devices on your bedroom. Someone make a habit to use cell phones or computer in their bedroom. That is extremely prohibited. You can use these devices on your bedroom but not on your sleeping time. And someone keep their tv on their bedroom which is not also right. The blue ray of the devices disrupts your body for taking preparations for sleep. So try to turn off all the devices at least 1 hour before you going to bed.
  • Set the ideal climate: Try always to set your bedroom ideal for sleeping. The ideal is dark and cool. You may set the temperature on a very comfortable stage, not very hot or not very cool. An ideal temperature is one of the main secrets of sound sleep.
  • Try a noise free room: Though its not totally possible but where is the fault for trying? Try to make your bedroom noise free as much as your possible limit.
  • No smoking: If you smoke you may face the problem of insomnia. Because research says that the body withdraw the nicotine at night. So just try to avoid smoke to get a sound sleep. But it does not happen overnight. At least you may avoid smoking before 1 hour of your bedtime.
  • Avoid caffeine or tea: Caffeine helps you to get the refreshment but it can be the hindrance of your sound sleep. So try to limit your caffeine at least 6 hours before your bed time.
  • Physical exercise: Aerobics can help you get a sound sleep. But exercise at least 3 hours before you going to bed.
  • Don’t eat much on dinner: If you take too much food on your dinner it would take much time to digest, which may create an uneasiness on your stomach and let not you sleep. So try to take less food on dinner for your sound sleep.
  • Drink some hot: Drinking warm milk can lead you to a sound sleep. Take 1 glass of warm milk with 1 tablespoon of honey before going to bed will let you get a sound sleep.
  • Take a hot bath: Try to take a hot bath if possible before going to bed is one of the secrets of sound sleep at night. So try to take a hot bath in order to prepare your body for sleep.
  • Skip alcohol: Try to skip alcohol or alcoholic drink or food that contains alcohol on dinner. If not possible then try not to take 6 hours prior your bedtime.

At last, if you’ve tried everything of what’s on your hand but still can’t sleep well then consult with your physician soon.

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