Easy and Simple Method To Curl Your Hair With A Hair Straightener

Easy and Simple Method To Curl Your Hair With A Hair Straightener 2021

Today’s Topic: How to curl your hair with a straightener 

Curling hair with a straightener or a flat iron can create full bouncy curl that won’t look like the circle. It takes a little practice but once you mastered the technique you may look amazing and a glamorous girl. You should learn the techniques of curling your hair. Follow along to learn how to get those nice curls using a curling iron. There is always a quest for perfectly flowing curls which is desired by many women. Curls are always beautiful and some women are blessed by the curls and who are not they need to do it artificially. Do you want to know how to curl your hair with a straightener?  This is very simple. All that you need to know the proper use of styling tools and techniques that suits well with your hair. Read on the article below, here you will get clear directions on how to curl you hair with a straightener.

How To Curl Your Hair With A Straightener at home 

To curl your hair you need the following Ingredients:

  • A comb
  • A round hairbrush
  • Clips
  • Thin Flat hair straightener
  • Heat protective serum
  • Hair spray

Before starting curl your hair with a straightener , make sure that your hair is dry . If your hair is wet you won’t get the perfect curl that you want exactly.  However, clean hair is perfect for this reason what has been washed before 2 days ago. If your hair has natural oil you can do curl with using a heat straightener. If you have too frizzy hair this is not the best way to go. Use shampoo and deep conditioner before going on how to curl your hair with a straightener. It will make your hair shiny and healthy.

Choose the right flat hair straightener for your job on how to curl your with a straightener. If you have too curly and coarse hair you need straightener which can produce minimum 400 degree Fahrenheit. It should be of 2.5 to 5 cm in width from plate to handle. If your hair straightener is too flat it will be difficult for working on how to curl your hair with a straightener. The better choice for how to curl your hair with a straightener is flat hair straightener with round edges.

After choosing the right hair straightener , apply a heat protector serum over your hair. It will protect your hair from unwanted hair damage that will cause by heat. Though many people tend to use serum reluctantly, and don’t follow the rules on how to curl your hair with straightener. It is really harmful to them, what will cause hair damage later. Apply the gel over your hair and comb it properly using wide tooth hair brush, so that your hair will get equal portion of the serum.
Make sections into your hair by using clip. The sections will be depending on your hair thickness. If you have thicker hair, you should make more sections to get the perfect curl for your hair, and for less thin hair make few sections. Begin your work at the lower section of your scalp. Take the hair as per as your choice. If you want more curls take 1 to 2 inch of hair, or for volume you can take 3 or 4 inches of hair. Pull the hair straightener with the strand and turn your flat hair straightener to the directions where you want your curl.  Do each layer perfectly and pin up the rest portion. Remember, while get the perfect curls then move to another layer. Otherwise your hair will be messy and really difficult to manage and it will create hindrance in curling your hair through how to curl your hair with a straightener.

Once you are done to lower sections of your scalp then you can move to front sections. Do the curl in the same way the way you did before while doing curl the lower sections of your hair. It is important to get the perfect curl that matches with your face. For example: if your face is round, you can do curl only the lower section of your hair. It will match with your face and make you to look more gorgeous.

Repeat the process and try again if you don’t get the perfect curl at the first time. After you are done of your job how to curl your hair with a hair straightener , use a hair spray that will keep your curls longer. Spray it through top to bottom of your hair and style it as per as your choice.

here is a step by step process of how to curl hair with a straightener easy.

Start with clean and dry hair

Make sure to start with completely clean and dry hair because wet hair doesn’t curl and damp hair won’t curl at all. If you have got the wet to dry hair straightener that won’t work either. It’s best to have dry hair to make the curls. Dirty hair also a barrier to start the process, so it’s a must do thing to wash your hair before curling your hair. If you like to blow dry  your hair and this is for the first time use mousse and the extra volume will keep your hair from looking too flat.

Use a thin flat iron

Your flat iron should be thin about 1 to 2 inches width with round edges to form smooth curls. A flat paddle style is also not good for the curls. If you want to hold and wrap the hair and want to make them stay in the right place you have to avoid this kind of straightener. Make sure to find a good quality flat iron that is best, works faster, smoother and make less damage. Poor quality irons can make a big impact on the shine and staying of the curls. Heat up the iron to the minimum temperature and if your hair is fine and thin stick to the low end. Normal hair id fine and can be ironed at a minimum temp.

Apply heat protectant

Apply heat protectant or spray to create a protective barrier between the hair and the iron. Spray all over the hair and let them mist on and dry quickly. If you have thick hair it won’t hit down and be sure to comb out any tangles first.

Part your hair into sections

You will have better luck when you start to curl your hair. The thicker your hair the more section you may need. Pull the hair above the ears and put it in a bun on the top of the head. Start from the bottom of the scalp. A good rule is to work with the sections.

here is an alternative way to curl your hair with a straightener

Alternate flicks and curls

Flicks and curls are generally two different ways to curl your hair with a flat iron.

Flicks start from the down of your hair and clamp the iron closed. Turn it back and you should now have created a u shape with the help of the flat iron. The faster you move the iron the fewer flicks will happen.

Start fairly close to the scalp but be careful from burning the scalp. Clamp the iron and get it on a half turn. Glide the iron slowly to the end. The slower you move the curls will be tighter. The faster you glide the iron your curls will be softer.

Make more pronounced curls

You can make more pronounced curls by turning the flat iron full turn. With flicks and curls rotate the straightener a half turn. If you want more ringlet complete curls rotating the hot tool. Find out what your hair want to be like.

Experiment with turning your straightener

Have some fun with your straightener turning under and over. When you rotate your flat iron, you’re confronted with a decision to make, Which looks best on you!

Try to be consistent. It is very easy to curl one way on the side switching the arms to the direction. Other direction can look great and you just have to be sure to use a consistent pattern. the final step is try a flat wave or whatever the type you like.

we have included several types of way to curl hair with a straightener. you can choose the right way for your desired curly hair style to work at home.

Easy and Simple Method To Curl Your Hair With A Hair Straightener