Nail Art

Easy Step By Step Christmas Nail Art Tutorials You Can Actually Do

Nail art is a special thing to girls and no makeup is complete without nail art. When it is Christmas you must have to wear something that matches this festival. In this article you will find an Easy Step By Step Christmas Nail Art Tutorials You Can Actually Do 2023

Christmas Nail Art Tutorials

What you need:

  • A base color
  • An accent color
  • A green polish
  • A glitter polish with large glitter
  • A glitter polish with fine glitter
  • A dotting tool
  • A fine tipped dotting tool or toothpick
  • A top coat

Step 1:

To begin the process you must want to paint all of your nails with your favorite color. I opted for a light colored accent, and then painted the rest of it with a darker shade. You are free to do whatever you want for this step.

Step 2:

Dotting Tool/Decal Technique –

The technique involves using a large dotting tool to get the chosen shape. I did this on a plastic bag, just like you would when making Decals. It is easier to do on flat surface than on your nail. Take a certain amount of polish using a large dotting tool. Proceed to the triangular shape and stop when you get the right size. You can either ‘decorate’ the tree before putting it on your nail or o after putting it on your nail. Make sure the decal is dry fully before attempting to peel it off.

Step 2:

Tape Technique – This tape technique works using the ridged side of a piece of tape to create a tree. This is easier and faster to do than the previous method, but you have to be more careful when peeling off.

Step 3:

Tape Technique – pain your nail with green color, ensuring to get all the spaces where it intersects. You should wait a few seconds before peeling the tape off. Be careful on this part.

Step 4:

This is the easiest part of Christmas nail art and it is the decoration! Carefully add blue dots with a small dotting tool. Now go for the dots and feel free to paint whatever color or decoration you like.

Step 5:

For the tree topper, go for a glitter polish with larger glitter and dotted on a piece of paper. Next take a dotting tool with a fine tip and fished out the larger chunks of glitter. Place on the tree.

This part is not compulsory, but you can choose to add some sparkle. After everything is done seal the design with a top coat!!

This tutorial should help you out. We have explained every step of this nail art to get Christmas tree.