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10 Proven Ways to Boost Your Happiness | How to Boost your Happiness 2023

Happiness talked about subject in human history! But when it finding the means and how it how it can be achieved comes, we are presenting some ways to boost your happiness. Our list contains 11 proven and effective ways to be happy. Scroll down for 10 proven ways to boost your happiness.

  1. The Big “O” – Oxytocin: The hormone of trust and love. Biologically speaking it’s a calming and feels good chemical that changes the state of mind. It socially connects and bonds people and as soon released will arouse feelings of contentment, reduces anxiety, and fills you with calmness and a sense of security. A gentle touching, hugging, and any form of communication with loved ones can lead to emit Oxytocin and make you feel happy.
  2. Make Friends: friends can make people happy like no other Relationships can. Having close relationships around has been proven to bring happiness; increases self-esteem, and few psychological issues. The meaningful relationship the more well-being they will feel.
  3. Savoring: awesome ways to exonerate positive emotions is to adopt how to devour the deliciousness of life i.e. movies, conversations, vacations, great meals, concerts, and any others pleasures regarding preference. Flowing at the moment isn’t always easy as you like. If you can focus our attention on the positive emotions of any moment, instead of what could have been done,” we will enjoy mental benefits.
  4. Your Work: What do you call your work? Finding the job that you enjoy most is a major factor in our overall happiness. It’s all about utilizing our character strengths on the job where we feel “comfort”. It’s the desired state where we can work in a flow and lose track of time. Find out challenge and interest in the profession. Just get with it.
  1. Get Moving and Exercise: One of the activities that can enhance your mood. Even a sudden walk can do the job for you and daily mood. Some study shows that adults who take moderately intense physical activity per day. It develops not only physical health, but mental well-being as well.
  2. Breathe Well: Irregular breathing can heart. Deep breathing is good for your health. Our breath can be used to relax our mind and body. Becoming aware of our breath can be used to manage stress and anxiety. To do so, start taking deep, long breaths so that oxygen flow through your brain and soothes you.
  3. Primers: Our emotions are often associated with experience, person, or situation that takes us to the past or intensify one particular feeling. Our memories whether positive or negative are linked with other memories bearing the same feeling. Take note of the primes that revive your positive states of mind. Or any places, people, and activities trigger positive memories? Remind those and be positive and boost your happiness.
  4. Gratitude: Who does not have ups and down, do not let yourself bothered too much. Start being thankful what you have and be grateful for the relationships, skills, and opportunities that you cherished. It’s all about your frame of mind! Just possess a mindset. Show gratitude and be merrier.


  1. Self-regulation: Self-determination and temperament can be determinant the way we lead our life. This life-saving skill can help you to decide a day to day choice that promotes decisions and facilitates happiness. When we are able to regulate our mood and control so is our state of mind. We are able to respond and adapt to situations the best possible way.
  2. Self-efficacy: Knowing what we are capable of dealing with what life takes us to is an important factor for life-satisfaction. Confident and hopeful people have the capacity to make changes to better themselves and solve problems whatever issues arise. Mindful of your past successes; set smaller and achievable goals to develop your self-efficacy.

These 10 Commandments can help in your well-being and develop your life-satisfaction. Be known that being happy is a process that comes with little effort. But it involves altering the way we think about life and making choices we make everyday.

Start practicing these ideas today and be attentive that works best to makes you change your mood. Thank you for visiting our page. For more articles like this 10 Proven Ways to Boost Your Happiness, keep visiting us

10 Proven Ways to Boost Your Happiness

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