Best Foods To Sleep At Night
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5 Best Foods To Sleep At Night! Dont Miss

The modern day society has failed to maintain a balance in lifestyle in terms of time management, social activities and food which has led to poor sleeping habits. Honestly, you can do nothing about the rush in life but you can eat the right foods just before you get into bed and sleep. These 5 Best Foods To Sleep At Night are sure to give a good slumber and they are:

Best Foods To Sleep At Night

If you take complex carbohydrates just before you get into bed you are sure going to enjoy your meals. Popular examples are bread, pasta and other sugar foods. If you have a slice of bread before sleep you are going to enjoy your sleep like a baby. Promote sleep by eating bread at night which will increase the levels of tryptophan in your body. The best thing is that any type of bread of will work so you do not have to worry about that. Whole grains can also do you great especially when it comes to providing you with more nutrients.


This must come to you as a shocker, but you are sure to be in for a surprise. Nothing gives you a great sleep night than lean proteins. If you eat cheese that is low in fats, fish or chicken your serotonin levels will be increased significantly which will result to sound sleep. Remember, if you take proteins that take long to digest you are sure to stay awake for long hours. Interestingly, this is the reason you lack sleep for several hours and you cannot explain why. Milk is also a good option before you get into bed. Milk will normally raise the body temperature and you will just get sleepy and close your eyes in a short while after you leap into bed.


Fresh herbs have a very calming effect to the body which is perfect for when you want to sleep. The chemicals in the herbs reduce tension and stress levels in the body significantly. This results to a comfortable temperature and stress level which is very okay for the body. For example, try sniffing Rosemary and you are sure going to have a good night sleep. You can also make pasta at home with sauces that have low sugar levels which will work just fine. Make sure you avoid pepper at night because it has a stimulant-like effect to the body.

This is a tricky one, but will work just fine if you know what you are doing. Not all cherries promote sleep, however, some work well if consumed before you go to bed. The trick is eating cherries that increase the levels of melatonin in the body. This hormone is responsible in making you sleep easily and better at the same time.

If you want to get good sleep and really fast sleep you must eat peanut or better peanut butter in your good night sleep bread. For those who feel confused, peanuts have niacin which makes the body produce serotonin increasingly thus you getting a good sleep. Peanuts have high fat and calories upon consumption thus do not take to much of them. Nevertheless, that should not be an issue when it comes to people who workout. The easiest way to work around the fat and calories issue is using the peanut butter. That should work just fine since it is an addition may to bread.
There you go; Best 5 foods to sleep at night with the reasons why should take try them. If you find out that you have issues in when it comes to sleeping, take a look at what you are eating. If that is not the issue then eat the right foods and you will be sleeping very well. It is as easy as following the simple outlines in this article and you will be a consultant when it comes to enjoying your sleep.

5 Best Foods To Sleep At Night


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