7 Days 1200 Calorie Diet Plans
Weight Loss

7 Days 1200 Calorie Diet Plans For Weight Loss! Fast & Easy!

Losing weight is not an easy thing to do. For losing weight one should o burn  more calories than he or she consumes in a day. There are many diet plans that a person can follow for weight loss, but  7 days 1200 calorie diet plans  works out the most in your weight loss journey. It makes drastic reduction of your weight without hampering your health.

If you have  any wedding or any programme to attend by next 7 days, you can try this quick weight plan. It will surprise not only you but also your friends who will be watching you with slim and confident look.

Let’s Explore 7 Days 1200 Calorie Diet Plans For Weight Loss !

Day 1

There are different meals that are eaten as part of this diet. Following the different meal per day will help a person stay interested and given them a variety of food taste during this 7 days weight loss journey. For breakfast, a person can have ¾ of a cup of bran flakes. This will ensure your  energy intake in a day. Make sure of taking plenty of  minerals that you need for your body.

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Drink plenty of water between the breakfast and lunch period. During the lunch time you can have pista sandwich and sliced turkey breast with roasted peppers. For dinner, you can enjoy a piece of fish, tomatoes, cooked couscous, as well as broccoli. There is the even dessert that is allowed. A person can have a cup of fat-free pudding in the flavor of their choice.

Day 2

For day two , start with a breakfast  having a glass of fruit smoothie and half of an English muffin.   And in Lunch have a  cup of vegetable soup, a vegetable burger, and some light yogurt. Be sure the yogurt has no sugar added.  During dinner, keep your menu with a piece of chicken and a half cup of vegetables. This will allow a person to have some variety in their diet.

7 Days 1200 Calorie Diet Plans

Day 3

Start your day 3 of 7 Days 1200 Calorie Diet Plans with  a half cup of oatmeal and an apple. In lunch , please keep chicken salad topped with lettuce, cucumber and tomato. You can even add some almonds if you want and top it with a tablespoon of fat-free sour cream. If you are still hungry , eat a banana.  For dinner you can make a change of your protein source. Eat steamed shrimp with three cups of spinach. You can eat low-fat frozen fudge pop for desert as well.

Day 4

This day starts off with an apple, ½ on English muffin, and some low fat yogurt. In lunch eat a cup of tomato soup, and a pita sandwich with tomato, lettuce, and roasted beef. A cup of raw vegetables like cucumber, carrots and tomato can be added to lunch. During dinner try salmon with ¾ cup of brown rice, and fresh vegetables salad with nonfat dressing.

Day 5

In the day 5 ,eat 1 cup of cheerios with a ½ cup of fresh berries for breakfast. For lunch try tortilla bread topped with low-fat cheese and fresh vegetables. In dinner you can eat pork  with three cups of fresh green salad. For dessert you can try vanilla frozen yogurt with some fresh berries.

Day 6

For day 6 you can try something different for breakfast. you can eat waffle topped with peanut butter. Try out tuna salad in a whole wheat pita for lunch. If you feel still hungry after the lunch try some  some low-fat sour yogurt without any added sugar, it will fill your stomach up . Try something spicy for dinner.  You can eat  ¾ cup brown rice, corn, 2 ounces of turkey sausage, and ¼ cup beans. You can eat this dinner with three cups of steamed spinach. Avoid any desert in this day.

Day 7

The last day of the diet will allow a person to have a poached egg with half on an English muffin. Lunch is mixed bean salad. You can eat with a pita bread.  For dinner, you can take three ounces of grilled steak, a sweet potato, and a cup of grilled or steamed zucchini.

This 7 Days 1200 Calorie Diet Plans allows a person to eat enough food so they always feel full while cutting out a large amount of calories. This diet will encourage weight loss and allow a person to burn off additional calories.

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