5 Sexy Long Bob Hairstyles & Haircuts for you 2020: You Gotta See

Searching for Sexy Long Bob Hairstyles? There is a plenty of variety of long bob hairstyles are available to style. Here we present a collection of 23 Amazing Long Bob Hairstyles and haircuts for you. Go down and get them now!

1. Blunt Slick Straight Lob

Hairstyles for Long Bob - Blunt Slick Straight Lob
Hairstyles for Long Bob – Blunt Slick Straight Lob


Gorgeous hair is enough to turn heads! It does not to require added texture. This simple blunt lob cut IS shoulder-length cut. It’s a neatly polished hairdo.

2. Lengthy Graduated Lob

Lengthy Graduated Lob
Sexy Long Bob Hairstyles


Graduated bobs- long or super short– is trendy! We came to love this graduated long bob hairstyle, with a defining middle part with some subtle stacking in the back.

3. Bedhead Curls: Casual, Everyday Haircut

Hairstyles for Long Bob - Casual, Everyday Haircut
Sexy Long Bob Hairstyles – Casual, Everyday Haircut


Have you noticed your bedhead? Your bedhead curls can be seriously hot. Don’t forget to add edgy and seductive ensembles with messy locks.

4. Casual Lob: Chic Straight Medium Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Long Bob - Chic Straight Medium Hairstyle
Sexy Long Bob Hairstyles – Chic Straight Medium Hairstyle


When you don’t have time but want to look in best shape, run a straightener through your strands real quick and toss them to the side for a casual lob.

5. Red Hot Lob: Bob Haircut with Bangs

Hairstyles for Long Bob - Bob Haircut with Bangs
Sexy Long Bob Hairstyles – Bob Haircut with Bangs


Fierce, alluring and classy. These are word best describe this red-hot lob! Besides this long bob hairstyles are best for round face. The bangs extra long to get rid of the excess roundness.