How To Lose Weight Fast For Women At Home 2021

Weight loss is a sensitive subject, especially for women. It is not always about health, it is often about self esteem and how we feel about our place in the society. Despite great leaps forward with regards to health and fitness and fashion industries leaning more towards healthy, athletic women, there is still an underlying urge for us all to achieve something that may actually be quite damaging to us, emotionally. There are ways to lose weight healthily, quickly and at the same time achieving a body that would be the envy of your former self!

Which Diet To Choose?
There are several diets to choose from, but the most important thing is to choose one that you can maintain, and to add to this an exercise program to accelerate fat loss. Note ‘fat loss’ rather than ‘weight loss’, losing weight reflects on the scales but losing fat reflects on your body and the shape of your body and the clothes you wear. Losing fat is also a much healthier option for your overall well being.
An Effective Diet
Providing you have no allergies or food intolerance, the best way to lose fat quickly is by putting your body into ketosis. This is simply when your body starts to use stored fat for energy rather than glycogen (sugars from carbs). To achieve this state of ketosis, which normally takes around two weeks, you need to be fueling your body with a high protein and low, or no carb diet. Bear in mind that the toughest periods of this diet is the first two weeks, this is when you will crave carbs and feel tired and weak and a little foggy in the brain! If you can get through this time, you will soon reap the benefits and see real results. Make sure you keep your water intake high also as this will help flush out your kidneys keep you alert. The food pyramid that we know tells us to eat a lot of carbohydrates, a little bit of protein and the minimal amount of fat and dairy. Carbohydrates are instant energy and to be honest, they come in all forms of delicious and tempting foods. This is one reason it is difficult to give them up, but providing you consume fiber and healthy lean protein and healthy fats, you can maintain a low or no carb diet to achieve fast and safe weight loss. Combining this with a good training routine will speed up fat loss and shape your body.
Start Your Day Right
Starting the day with eggs and spinach is ideal. It is filling and a lot more exciting than cereal! Add to that coffee and a protein shake and you will be satisfied and helping your body adjust to a new way of giving you energy. Eating five to six small meals through the day will keep your energy level high and your metabolism ticking over. These five or six meals should be high in protein and to give an idea of portion size, about the size of your clenched fist. After a couple of days you will no longer feel as though you are not eating enough, you will feel as though you are eating the right amount.

Food Guide
A guide to the type of foods you should be eating: lean meats such as chicken and turkey, the odd steak here and there is also very good, lots of green leafy vegetables such as spinach and broccoli, any low starch-high fiber vegetable is a good source of iron and essential vitamins; eggs, avocados, salads, olive oil, coconut oil, almonds. The list does go on, proving that you can have a varied and interesting diet.
Get Moving!
Add to this exercise and the weight will melt away, aim for about 45 minutes of cardio and strength training every other day, or if very new to exercise, work up slowly; the diet alone will be enough to help you lose weight and this will happen quickly as your body will go to the easiest source of energy; fat.
How To Lose Weight Fast For Women? This should answer that question. It is never an easy road, but it can happen quickly with the correct nutrition and exercise plan. Using this type of diet will re-train your body to use stored fat for energy, this is what we all want because if the body is using the stored fat then it is not staying in our body! This means that within a short amount of time, belly fat, the annoying wobbly bits at the top of the thighs, the jiggly backside and all the bits that make us feel bad about ourselves, will soon be sculpted and toned and lean, and best of all, we are not hungry or craving sugary foods!


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