How To Grow Long Hair The Right Way : Hair Grow Faster Tips

Most of the women love to get long hair and to get long hair and always find the way of How To Grow Long Hair. Hair is associated with beauty and attractiveness that’s why most women always want extra volume. In this article we have given some ideas on faster hair growth. So you fancy long hair? Want to know how to grow long hair the right way?. Who doesn’t right? But it is not that easy to have long healthier and super sleek hair. It requires perseverance, extra care and following some do’s and don’ts. Why wait! Scroll down to know how to grow long hair the right way! 

Remember that it can’t grow overnight

Growing new strands usually take time. Generally, hair grows quarter inches in a month. You have to patient and take regular care of your hair.

Trim your hair regularly 

Trimming is necessary for preventing split ends as it keeps tips looking health. If you want to grow long hair, then you obviously need to trim every once in a while. If your strands are long but have split ends, it won’t go to work even you may have hair broken from the middle. Tell your stylist to cut down eighth of an inch off every 3-4 months to prevent split ends before they show up. While it may seem someone looking to grow hair softly it is important for a balanced hair growth. Trimming your hair removes damaged hair ends, inhibit the growth.  if you regularly trim your hair to avoid unhealthy split ends it is good for enhanced hair length. Regular shorting or trimming gives your hair chances of growing but you have to make sure not to overdo the trimming.

Use conditioner every time you shampoo

Whatever you do with your hair, coloring, heat styling, your hair becomes finer and thinner.”Conditioner nourishes the hair shaft from inside, besides regular conditioning help prevent damages from happening, so use conditioner, if your hair is wet for a longer and look healthier hair.

 And don’t shampoo every time you shower.

Do not shampoo every time you take a bath. May be shocking it may appear, believe it is true! Shampoo usually washes away dirt it also takes away natural oils that keep hair healthy and beautiful. While shampooing, be gentle with your hair. Rinse shampoo on the scalp and then simply wash to the bottom of your hair. Some women believe that only way to keep their beautiful and growing is washing with shampoo every single day. Keeping your hair clean is essential for hygiene and hair growth. but washing your hair too often is harmful and it may cause losing your essential natural hair oil. Make a good habit to maintain a schedule to wash your hair. Massage your scalp gently and properly while shampooing to improve blood circulation in the scalp to promote hair growth. Always try to use chemical free shampoos which are contained lightening free ingredient. Effective cleansing of hair helps to maintain healthy long tresses. Hair roots are the weakest when they are wet. Comb your hair gently and do not brush when it is wet to avoid breakage.

Apply oil or mask treatment weekly.

Medium to long hairs are usually several years old. Besides regular shampoo and conditioning, you should use moisture-based masks and oils. Use oil as mask 1 hours before shampoo, add 1 tablespoon each of almond, macadamia and jojoba oil. Oils are generally heavy. But shampoo helps to wash away dirt and heaviness, besides it leaves residue on hair. Using shampoo helps seal them inside hair.

Consider trying hair-boosting supplements.

Protein and other essential minerals are necessary to grow your hair faster. So indulge into your diet. Eating a balanced diet ensures hair-building nutrients necessary to create healthy and super-long hair that can withstand damage. Supplements can be taken, if needed especially if they want to grow healthier hair faster before starting to take supplements, consult your doctor.

Try Natural Hair Packs

If you have ever searched for techniques of natural hair growth you would definitely heard about the benefits of natural hair packs. There is a variety of natural treatment and you can choose from them. You can choose honey and avocado oil as the moisturizer. Apply natural remedies and use hair pack containing herbal ingredients. use coconut or onion oil as nourishers for silky and shiny long hair.

Brush your hair like it’s spun from gold.

Regular brushing can cause damage to your hair. While detangling wet hair, Start from the bottom to the top. We often start combing from the scalp, we tend to go rough on small tangles into one large knot on the way loose luscious hair. Boar bristles brushes are good to preserve natural oil and damage free combing. Don’t Brush Too Often- Brush your hair for not more than five to ten minutes every day to avoid breakage. Most women believe that the secret to long flowing hair is brushing their hair very often. And there are some women who are convinced that brushing hair will lead them to hair fall. The truth is solution lies in the middle of the extremists. Brushing your hair stimulates the scalp and releases natural oil to make your hair grow and keep healthy and brushing too often may cause breakage or hair loss.

Ditch your cotton pillowcase.

Use sateen or velvet fabric because it has a soft surface that won’t cause damage to your hair while sleeping  the way that regularly cotton pillowcase does with your hair, so you’ll wake up with fewer tangles.

Lower Your Stress Levels

If you have much stress your hair growth may reduce.  Have you taken special care of your hair treating it delicately? You should know that your stress is a common cause of hair fall. It means your hair strands are not growing to the potential level. Mental stress is a psychological factor and it heavily affects your hair health and hair growth. it makes hair lose, its density and volume makes it mal nourished. You should avoid stress in all the possible ways like meditation or yoga. Make sure to get proper sleep at night and it should be at least eight hours.  you can do relaxing thing like watching movies, reading books etc.

Never, ever wrap your hair in a massive towel again.

Towel wrapping causes hair breakage largely. Hair gets mashed up in woven fiber; if you wrap it tight as usual women do the result will be horrible! All your tiny, fragile strands likely to break while wrapped. If you have to do it go for thinnest and soft microfiber hair towels.

Switch up your pony placement.

If you go pony all the time, change up pony placement often. It’s an easy task that can help maintain the strength of your strands and growth of your hair damage free.

Do a cold-water rinse at the end of each shower.

Cold water flows around the hair more smoothly, which helps prevent moisture loss, and heat damage do it for a few seconds, but this simple step will help you to grow your hair longer.

Here are some tips and tricks how to grow long hair the right way. Follow these instructions and get nice and long lustrous hair. Enjoy!

 Looking for how to grow long hair the right way? These are the effective way you will know how to grow long hair the right way!