6 Simple Hairstyling Tips Every Women Should Know

When a woman is looking to keep up with the latest trends in a style, she needs to take a good look at her hair. There are some hair styling tips that every woman should know regardless of the type of hair that she has.

6 Simple Hairstyling Tips Every Women Should Know

Get the Right Products

The first thing that a woman needs to do is find out exactly what hair type and texture she has. This will make it easier to find styling products that will work and will live up to their promise. Many people think it is simple to know their hair type, but it can get complicated. To determine hair type take the hair and put it into a ponytail. If the elastic tie will go around the hair just once than it is thick. Medium will take two the three times, and fine will need to be even more secure.


When selecting a blow dryer to find one that has a wattage of 1800 or above. It should be made from ceramic or tourmaline in order to keep the hair from becoming frizzy. The flow from the dry should be steady.

Drying for Straight Hair

If a woman has straight hair she should dry her wet hair with a towel until it is damp. The hair should be divided into sections and a round brush is used for the hair. Starting at the root the hair is pulled out smooth while the dryer is being moved from the roots to the end. A small amount of serum can be added to the hair for some extra shine.

Drying Curly Hair

Do not dry the hair when getting out of the shower. When using a blow dryer on curly hair it is better if the hair is wet. Add a smoothing cream to the hair and then divide it into sections. A flat paddle brush will work the best with the hair. Pull the hair with the brush and hold it until it is smooth. Using the blow dryer start at the roots and go down to the ends of the hair slowly. A nozzle attachment can be applied to the dryer for the best results and will allow a person to be in control of the flow of air from the dryer. Do not blow dry the hair every day. Too much heat will dry out the hair and strip it of the moisture that it needs.

Using a Curling Iron

A curling iron should made out of ceramic and it will heat the hair from the inside of the iron out. Add some mousse to damp hair and start with the hair that is closest to the nape of the neck. Take a one inch section of hair and wrap it around the iron. Once the hair is done comb it with the fingers to loosen up the curls and give them a more natural look. Add some flexible hold hairspray to keep the curls in place and stop them from being affected by frizz.

Straightening Hair

A flat iron with a ceramic plate is best for straightening the hair. It will produce infrared heat which will not destroy the hair. Be sure to spray the hair with a thermal heat proctant product for extra protection before starting. Divide the hair into small sections. Starting as close to the root as possible run the section of hair through the straightener. Once the hair is done apply a flexible hair spray to keep the hair straight and to keep frizz from forming.

These are some of the basic hair styling tips that all women need to know. By following these basic styling tips they can get the right look for their hair style and will be able to experiment with different looks and styles.